Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Google gets serious about social networking in China - maybe - BloggingStocks

Posted April 15th 2008 4:45PM by Filed under: , , (NASDAQ: ) goes on to dial up its attempts in the Chinese market. Having increased its place against the country's prima hunt engine, (NASDAQ: ), it is now looking to rapidly spread out its presence in China's societal networking community. Although Google's attempts in societal networking really have got not paid off in the U.S., that's not the narrative in China.Part human race and portion competitory trap (perhaps), Google is making the world believe that societal networking is mature for enlargement in China. At the same time, China's authorities desires to guarantee all these communication theory are kept under control (it's a Communist country, right?), which would do one think this: how on Earth can any company convey societal networking to a marketplace ruled by an Fe clenched fist when it come ups to communications?Kai Fu-Lee, the former (NASDAQ: ) employee who recently under intense scrutiny, bespeaks that the typical Chinese cyberspace user is 25 old age old -- making the marketplace perfect for increasing marketplace consciousness and share of societal networking efforts. But Baidu may be used more than often by children looking for pirated audio and picture content more than anything else -- not for "talking and socializing with friends" as societal networking is typically described. Are Google really wanting a piece of that, or is it trying to torpedo competitors? Hey, the world's biggest cyberspace hunt company did not get where it is today by being stupid.

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