Sunday, April 6, 2008

How To Earn Money On The Internet

People searching for any product, service, beginning or information would undoubtedly hunt for the 'best'. For example, while searching for 'home based business' on Google or Yokel or MSN, finding a nimiety of websites or blogs, surfboarders would often prefix a superlative like 'best'. It's a different matter, for obvious reasons, the figure of hunt consequences could be the same, though!

Seth Godin and his team, the inspiration behind 'Squidoo', came up with the 'Ever Project' in partnership with Digimedia (owners) in November 2007. This undertaking have been immensely successful with one thousands of lensmasters making web pages called 'lenses' in a record clip on assorted topics all prefixed with superlatives. What's more, it's a free programme and anybody with an thought about anything he or she may see to be the 'best' or the 'worst' can spin around a web page in a substance of moments.

All 1 have to make is:

1. Go to Ever.Com, choice from the superlatives given, add a keyword and hit 'go'

2. State the thought or thoughts in the presentation which constitutes the 'meta description' tag

3. Justify with at least five grounds why one sees it to be the 'best'

4. Add ready made faculties like links, RSS feeds, eBay and Amazon points relevant to the topic

5. Choose up to 40 keywords (or cardinal phrases).

6. Save and publish

Examples of web pages at Ever.Com are: Simplest Money Making, Best Images, Best Home Business Opportunity, Cheapest Holidays Ever etc. It's a great topographic point for promoting your products, services or even ideas. You can begin your free place based cyberspace or online concern on your hobby, merchandise or service absolutely free.

The benefits of this undertaking include:

1. Its free to register - one have to be above 18 years

2. One can gain on gross sales of eBay or Amazon merchandises and even Google Ads

3. Royalties are paid based on a sharing footing every calendar month topic to conditions

4. One can take to donate to charities

5. One can acquire aid or advice from other lensmasters at the Squidoo Forum

Moreover, experience proposes that these pages are hunt engine friendly and look on top hunt pages if there is good adequate content. It is, without any doubt, the 'Everest' of free hosting sites!

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