Friday, April 4, 2008

What Is Bum Marketing?

One of the hottest selling tendencies going on right now is something called "Bum Marketing."

Some cat named Travis Sago created the phrase Rotter Selling when he noticed that most of his best click-thru transitions came from extremely specialised keyword phrases and hunts which have got got got relatively low competition.

According to Sago, it was his married woman Jeannie's thought to call his programme the "Bum Selling Method" because she believes it is so easy to make that they could literally take a rotter off the street...take him to the public library...and have him earning hard cash within a week.

Anyway, the conception behind the programme is to compose articles targeted towards less popular keyword phrases and have those articles acquire picked up by the top hunt engines. Because the articles would be targeted toward less popular, less competitory keyword phrases, they would have got got a realistic opportunity of ending up at or near the top of the hunt results, owed to the low competition.

Well folks, I detest to explosion your bubble, but there is absolutely nil new or radical about Rotter Marketing.

Bum Selling is Article Selling with a different name - nil more.

So makes the method really work?

In a word...yes.

If you compose articles targeted towards less popular, less competitory keyword phrases and let them to be freely published, your articles go viral, meaning your articles can actually distribute like a virus and have the possible to be viewed by billions (yes millions)of Internet users.

And because hunt engines love articles you can anticipate to acquire linked to by many high-profile websites, thereby increasing your praseodymium (Page Rank) and traffic as well.

There's also another of import by-product of article marketing:Credibility.

Other than testimonies from well known expert marketers, writing articles is the quickest manner to set up credibleness online.

If you compose good, quality content, not only will your articles acquire published regularly, but they will also trade name you as an expert in your field, which will instantly heighten your repute and underside line tremendously.

Don't cognize how to write? No problem. Hire an low-cost ghostwriter over at Just be careful to check up on out whoever you engage carefully, because all authors are not created equal.

There is a caution to article marketing, however. In order for it to be effective, you have got to compose tons of quality articles. Quality is the key, because no 1 desires to read garbage.

Anyway, the more than than than than articles you write...the more traffic you'll generate...the more traffic you generate...the more money you'll make.

In closing, I can state you from personal experience that article selling is extremely effective, if you handle it seriously. But it is not something to be undertaken, unless you are 100 percentage committed to it!

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