Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Uganda: Internet Access Costs $18m Per Year - AllAfrica.com

David MuwangaKampala

UGANDANS pass $18m per twelvemonth on Internet access, the executive manager director of the Republic Of Republic Of Uganda Communications Committee (UCC), Saint Patrick Masambu, have said.

"Uganda's Internet costs are the peak in the region. It bes $2,300 for accessing 512 mega spots per 2nd per calendar month whereas in Kenya, the 512 mega spots cost $500," Masambu said.

He said Republic Of Kenya had managed to cut down the costs to $500 owed to aid from the World Bank.

"The Government necessitates to convey in information and communication theory engineering (ICT) in a critical mass like Republic Of India have done. That have resulted into employing two million Indians," Masambu said in a presentation at workshop in Kampala.

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He said the critical ICT mass could be installed in educational institutions, authorities sections and local and international institutions.

Masambu said the sector was riddled with deficiency of a concern procedure outsourcing Centre for accomplishments preparation and deficiency of an identified ICT niche.

Other obstructions to the sector include high costs of hardware and ICT equipment and infrastructure.

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