Thursday, April 24, 2008

Google hands over information on suspected pedophiles to Brazil's ... - People's Daily Online

Internet giant Google on Wednesday handed over information stored by 3,261 suspected paedophile users on its Orkut societal networking land site to Brazil's congressional committee, local mass media reported. The handover of the data, which mainly consist of images and photograph record albums stored on Orkut, one of the most popular land sites in Brazil, was portion of an enterprise by the Brazilian government to conflict paedophilia law-breakings on the web. Brazil's Federal Soldier Police will track the suspected profile holders and launch an functionary probe if necessary. Senator Magno Malta, president of the congressional committee, said that the United States Congress would inquire for the revelation of the telephone set records of the suspect Orkut profile holders on Thursday, according to local mass media reports. National Cyber Crime Center said last calendar month that 90 percentage of the 56,000 paedophilia allegations received in the past two old age were related to Orkut. According to Senator Demostenes Torres, another member of the committee, it was the first clip that Google released secret information from its database to authorities. "Over the past two years, there have got been 50,000 paedophilia reports. Google, arguing that it was a inquiry of privacy, especially because the information was hosted in California, refused to let go of it," said Torres. Google's Director of Communication Carlos Felix Ximenes admitted that it was the first "big privateness disclosure" allowed by Google, as the company had never provided imagination to research workers before. Ximenes told the fourth estate that the company will begin to describe to Brazil's public prosecution business office all profiles that elicit intuition of cyber crimes, including racism, homophobia and spiritual intolerance. Google have been combined with law-breaking research workers in Brazil, fulfilling approximately 360 demands from local tribunals last year, he added. Source: Xinhua

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