Thursday, April 19, 2007

Delete Internet History File

Personal privacy is one of the most important items one can have, especially if you are on the internet browsing around checking out stuff. If you do not want someone to know where you have been, then you need to delete your internet history file. But while you think deleting this internet history file will remove all traces of your activity, you are wrong. You can still see and track where you have been. In order to completely erase your information, you need a special internet eraser program.

It is really bad if you use Internet Explorer. This software keeps track and maintains records of everywhere you do. It keeps a log of all websites you visit, the images you look at, and the videos you watch. And the other downfall of all of this is the mere fact it is clogging up your computer resources with a bunch of extra stuff. If you are using Internet Explorer, it is not good enough to just delete the internet history file. You need to completely erase everything showing where you were.

And I am not talking about just sites you are not supposed to be looking at. This is for regular internet browsing as well. If you are looking for your significant other something, you really do not want them to see what they are getting. Just a simple run of an internet eraser software program will find everything to erase your tracks. It will then ask you if you want to erase everything. If you choose yes, then bingo: All Gone! No more knowing where you were.

You can have your privacy back by doing much more than deleting the internet history file. A complete internet erase software will make you invisible, like a ghost. It is like you were never there. But this is only possible with additional software.

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