Sunday, April 15, 2007

Internet Marketing - What Happened for Me at One Internet Marketing Event - It Can Happen to You Too

Internet marketing conferences/events should be at the top of your list of things to do if you really want to make it on the net.

Here is what happened to me today at an internet marketing conference.

Mike Stewart, The Internet Audio Guy, was presenting at Matt Bacak's Marketing Madness Live! in Atlanta. I'd met Mike once before through my mentor Tom Antion.

Mike was presenting today on using audio and video on you blog. He was demonstrating how to upload an mp3 recording to your blog in order to podcast. Mike mentioned that in a moment he would do an interview live to show us how to do it. Sensing what was coming, I made sure that my hand was the very first one up when he asked for volunteers.

In front of 300+ internet marketers

I was able to go up on stage with Mike and he recorded a 2-3 minute interview with me on my The Article Guy services. He played the audio several times. Mentioned my name several times. Mike than added it to his blog with a link to my web site and showed the audience how to click through to my site. And he left my site up on the screen for several minutes.

All in front of three hundred internet marketers that could use my services.

2 really cool things happened so far

Two really cool things happened right away -

1) When I got back to my seat, as I looked around the room, almost every laptop had my web site up. And then people started downloading my free offer of 2 article writing templates.

2) I left the conference early to go to a concert, and I had people following me out, stopping me in the hall to ask questions, and asking me to promise that I would talk with them at the conference the next day.

What I hope will happen

Here I'll put my intention out there for you - I have been wanting to present at one of these events and today I got to be on stage with Matt Bacak in the room. Tomorrow I will talk with him about presenting.

The moral of the story - go to internet marketing conferences and volunteer!

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SJP Blogger said...

Awesome, I will definitely keep you in mind. We will be attending a couple internet marketing conferences in the summer, our first and we will see what happens.

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