Sunday, April 15, 2007

Too Many Free Bonuses!

Who doesn't like free stuff? Free stuff can't possibly be bad right? How many times have you turned down a free bonus? You've been there before. You open a page to the next great internet marketing product and right before you get to the order button is page after page of free bonuses. The average user probably scrolls past those to see the price without even looking.

A lot of the time there's so many free bonuses it gets distracting. Some sites over anywhere from five to eight or more free bonuses. Free bonuses are used as a value adding tool to their primary product, but at some point it needs to slow down. It's best to not go overboard with adding free bonuses or it can eclipse the value of the product you're actually trying to sell. This works for both the vendor and the affiliate in trying to outdo each other and other competing products since it can distract easier than most things on a sales page. Free Bonuses are sometimes used to justify a high price tag by giving more product than originally offered. This can be a mistake too as it can backfire and make the product look cheap.

Free bonuses can drop the value of our product. When using too many a potential customer may think you are offering so many free bonuses because you don't have enough faith in your primary product. They may think the product can't stand on it's own and the free offers are meant to entice them to buy a suboptimal product with free stuff they'll read or use. Those free bonuses will probably be better for opt-in lists where you can exchange them for their email address without losing them to your main product.

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