Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Review Of Secret Affiliate Weapon

I admit it, I like Ewen Chia. He's an honest chap. He's a great marketer and his products are certainly accurate in their facts and the information that they provide. So, what problems do I have with his "Secret Affiliate Weapon?" Well, to be honest, the only problems I have, have less to do with what is actually inside SAF and more to do with the hype surrounding it, not all of which was generated by Ewen himself. I mean let's be honest. We all expect a little salesmanship, and in that regard, Ewen is the king of salesmanship. Well, this article is going to take a realistic and honest look at SAF and hopefully give the reader a decent idea of whether or not this package is something that they want to invest in.

Ewen starts off his ebook with that basics, explaining what affiliate marketing is and helping you determine if affiliate marketing is something that you want to get into. He then goes into how much you can make doing this and then the tools that you will need in order to do the job correctly, such as autoresponders and the like. So far, nothing earth shattering. Just basic info.

After that he gets into actually getting started, such as signing up with Clickbank and other affiliate networks. He explains things like cloaking URLs, how to write effective email ads, how to market, how to find products that convert and a host of other things that you MUST know if you're going to be successful at affiliate marketing.

Anyway, I kept reading. I was waiting for that magic formula, those magic words that were going to turn me into a super affiliate. Something that I didn't already know. Now, granted, I've been at this for 4 years so to expect to learn as much as a new person would not have been fair, but still, I was hoping for something.

Well, when he got into some places to promote, that's when I started to get really interested. And son of a gun, he did point out a few places to sprinkle my ads that I had never thought of. A smile came to my face. I learned some things I didn't already know.

When all was said and done, I realized a couple of things. The first was that I really knew more than I thought I knew and maybe I didn't need to buy any more products. The other thing I realized was that everything that Ewen mentioned in his book was dead on the money. I was doing all those things and making a consistent income each month through affiliate marketing.

But here's the rub, and I hope it is something that the reader will take to heart. The hype associated with any product is not going to produce the kind of figures that people like Ewen make until you've been doing this for a very long time. Yes, you will learn the basics and enough to do this correctly, but you won't get rich overnight. If you go into affiliate marketing with the right mindset, you will find that Ewen's book will certainly help you.

Yes, I like Ewen's Secret Affiliate Weapon, which I might add comes with some great bonuses. I just understand that the income that these principals will generate at first isn't going to be able to allow the start up marketer to move into a mansion.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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