Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Network Marketing - Creating Profits OnLine Fast - Step 3

Like so many network and internet marketers… you have been studying and learning all you can about the secrets of internet marketing. but you still are just not making enough money again this month.

You have bought courses from a bunch of gurus over the past couple months or years that claim to have the secrets you need to build a website to make money, or to build a huge list, or free traffic generators, and still you find yourself going broke from your so-called business.

Your advertising is costing too much, you are spending way more than you are making to buy leads, its taking more time than your real job, your spouse thinks you are crazy, and you are just more overwhelmed with what to try next.

You have called your hot prospects and invited them to this weeks meeting, but nobody showed up again. You just spent all day calling your leads, followed up with them by email again. You get the feeling they are avoiding you, and your heart dropped when you opened your commission check and found it short again.

You have done all the things your coach suggested, you have read every book you can get your hands on, you attend all the training calls, and you still just do not have enough prospects to talk to.

So how can you save your sanity and dream this time?


Step 3: Take Immediate Action and Apply Your Knowledge & Tools

Start...stop waiting until you perfect your site, list, or sales copy writing.

I bet you don't hear that much. You need to start immediately to take action and actually apply what you learned from your mentor.

If you just agreed to buy a franchise for ABC Hamburgers, would you pay the franchise fee, attend all the training, buy all the products recommended, and then not open for business until you found the ideal chef next month, or would you open as soon as today.

You would start right away and stay focused on doing everything that you had already studied and learned from your mentor in order to start to recoup your investment fast, right!

The Facts are – if you really want to succeed in marketing your business online you need to not only study and learn the core principles required to creating profits online from your internet marketing mentor, but you must take immediate action and actually do all the steps, repeatedly, and in massive amounts in order to kick start your momentum. Tentative baby steps will not work!

You must take these important steps, find yourself a true mentor who is proven to be successfully working in your specific area of interest, study and learn the core principles of creating profits online from them, and take immediate massive action today.

In the online marketing world, just like offline, you must start by finding a true mentor, study and learn the principles of internet marketing, and then immediately take massive action.

There are many internet marketers that started out finding a mentor, focused on studying and learning the core principles, but then they really did actually take the next step of taking immediate massive action and applying the knowledge, and tools they had learned and only then did they pass the real test - creating profits online .

They are not smarter or harder working than you, they simply found a mentor, focused on studying and learning the core principles of internet marketing, and stopped procrastinating and took all the immediate massive action steps their mentor prescribed for them.

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merben said...

Thanks for the tip. I know that
Internet advertising can help my business but earning money quickly is not in my expertise. hopefully I can use all he information i learned from this post to improve my online business strategy.