Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Still Using Traditional Storage Media?

Did you just download that amazing live concert of your favorite band on to your desktop computer? Now you scurry about trying to burn the concert on to a CDR, but the same error pops up every time? Not enough disk space. Carrying compact disks around is just extra baggage that you don't need in this increasingly high tech world. You then realize that your computer is connected to the internet where there is an unlimited amount of storage readily available and your problems are solved!

Dealing with traditional media can be frustrating to say the least, which is why there is a faster and more efficient way to deliver files to different destinations. The more efficient and cheaper way to move data is sharing files online. Instead of cutting up files and reassembling them using multiple cd's and multiple programs, you can simply go to an upload website and upload your files in to the website database. From there you can access your files or have other access those files from anywhere in the world.

You may think, "Why can't I send big files over email?" Well, file sharing through email is not a secure way to send file, and to be honest, e-mail isn't exactly made for large file transfers like movies. Email is designed for text and small attachments such as images or small documents.

Using a file sharing and uploading website is simple. The best type of file sharing website is one where there is no sign up necessary. With in moments, your movies, pictures, and audio file will be on the internet to share with all sorts of people that you can invite to come see your stuff.

Online file sharing also reduces that possibility of data loss that could come about if your CDR backup disk is scratched or lost. Most online file storage websites offer regular data backups provided by their data center which nearly eliminates the possibility of information being lost even if a hard drive is to fail.

As internet bandwidth limits increase, it will slowly eliminate the use of traditional media storage. Everyday, more information is being stored online at high speed data centers rather than on personal computers and storage devices. Music, movies, and games are streamed and played directly online rather than being purchased in the form of media or even downloaded to your PC. Convenience and innovation is making online file sharing the new wave of the future!

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