Thursday, April 26, 2007

Searching PDF - Top 6 Tips for Searching PDF on the Internet


PDF is an abbreviated form of Portable Document Format which is invented for magazines, pamphlets, etc. to give complex visual designs. It is utilized by software known as Adobe Acrobat. The main objective behind the use of PDF is the removal of machine and platform dependence, accurate designing, and control over the technique of art and printing but it is not useful for interactive online reading. Now-a-days PDF files can be made easily using word processors, page layout, and other programs. With the help of development tools, the PDF files can be sent in fragments so that they can be received by the user properly but again this procedure will not help in raising the speed, simplicity, and user control of HTML. The scrolling down of the PDF files require much time. Also, it is hard to imitate the matter from PDF files because of the presence of side bar text and page breaks. It is recommended to use HTML version of file for onscreen searching as well as the PDF versions of the file for printing. This combination will provide the proper format. Also it has been recommended after various experiments that one should go for the HTML version or should provide a gateway page indicating a caution of not to click the link as this will come up with a PDF file, page count, and file size. Also the internal or external search engines should be protected from indexing the PDF files.

How To Convert PDF To HTML

1.PDF file can be converted to HTML with the help of Adobe's online PDF converter.

2.There is another converter known as pdftohtml incorporated by search engines and operated on Unix command line.

3.There is software known as Xpdf which is useful in breaking down PDF documents in parts.

4.BCL Magellan helps in converting PDF files to HTML maintaining the structure of graphics, hyperlinks, etc.

5.There is another program made for the conversion known as Clickcat-P2H with a facility of downloading its version on trial basis.

6.These conversions can also be done by using's PDF2HTML application. It also provides the free trial version.

Searching PDF files

PDF files will be prepared for searching by confirming that the PDF files should possess exact document properties, by checking the version number of PDF file version so that search engine should read that version, and by fragmenting a long PDF file should be fragmented into small fragments. Now go for the option of SearchTools on Metadata. Then PDF files will get the text from PDF information fields after being indexed by search tools. If this information is not entered then a title will be generated. A file will be downloaded when clicked on a link. The search engine will present the view of text from the PDF file but it should possess an icon showing the item in PDF and should tell about the file size.

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