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Atlantic Crossing's Unique Technology Delivery Model Helps Growth of Mid-Sized Companies in the US

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Atlantic Crossing is in the concern of assisting companies with Technology, New Markets and Corporate Finance consulting services. (OPENPRESS) March 30, 2008 -- It's technology division with strong undertaking direction accomplishments have provided respective mid-sized companies based in the United States and Europe with software system system Development, e-commerce solutions, designing and development of commercial application software, information repositing solutions. By offering quality software system services, Atlantic Ocean Crossing have provided advanced solutions and efficient procedures of managing undertakings that have led to enormous cost economy for these companies without comprising quality. These advanced solutions have got been web-based solutions in the recruitment, athletics equipment, print, advertisement and lodging industries. Ritika Hiranandani (Director) who heads the Undertaking Management squad experiences that it is very of import to pull off functional and non functional demands of any project. The other critical elements to any successful undertakings are ensuring strong analysis, designer and designing of the application. For this Atlantic Ocean Crossing brands utilize of the accomplishments of highly adept designers. "Our engineering bringing theoretical account is backed by strong focusing on quality procedures which guarantee the effectivity and efficiency of the developed product. We utilize automated tools in the development process, which assist us to present better, faster and economical solutions. The complete development life rhythm of development, testing, implementation, preparation have got got been done at record clip and some of the roll-outs which could have taken 12 calendar calendar months have taken 6 months" Atlantic Ocean Crossing have a alone and flexible planetary resource theoretical account that lets it to supply software system development services on-site, off-shore, mix of on-site/off-shore depending on client's demands and ensuring high degrees of quality and value that fulfill the most demanding clients. By providing a practical 24-hour development, execution and support capability, with proved cost savings, Atlantic Ocean Crossing is equipped with state of the fine art substructure to supply seamless communicating to clients. The chief end is to ran into client outlooks by apprehension the demands of customers, anticipating and working towards the hereafter necessitates of customers, constantly improving and preventing mistakes from occurring and attracting, preparation and retaining qualified staff. By leveraging continuing shifts, Atlantic Ocean Crossing enables faster bringing of services to its clients. This enables in precise designing of undertaking rhythm time, completing undertakings on clip and thus saving significantly on undertaking costs. The software system and concern procedure outsourcing unit of measurement dwells of over 300 engineers, designers, architects, undertaking directors and subject substance experts. Atlantic Ocean Crossing also offers staff augmenting services where they supply quality resources to other organisations for specified period, besides new marketplaces to companies who desire to spread out to international marketplaces and corporate finance advisory services.

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