Saturday, March 22, 2008

Google Launches Language Translation API - InformationWeek

Google for translating blocks of textual matter in Web pages into multiple languages.

The linguistic communication application scheduling interface can also place a peculiar linguistic communication before translation. The API do usage of the Web 2.0 engineering Ajax and covers 13 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. The API also back ups 29 interlingual rendition pairs.

The new API was developed by Google's Ajax Search and Feeds team, which on how the engineering can be incorporated in Web applications.

With the API, developers can interpret and observe blocks of textual matter in a blog or other Web page using Javascript, Google said. The linguistic communication tool is designed to supply interlingual rendition quickly when a more than thorough offline interlingual rendition is unavailable. Google bes after to add more than capablenesses to the new API in the future.

Google is offering a for usage of the API, as well as

Computerized interlingual rendition is an emerging tool in planetary business. In general, however, interlingual renditions be given to be either good when handled by world or fast when conducted by machines. The two rarely come up together in a single software system product.

One illustration of a software system company trying to better the procedure of getting concern stuffs translated is Parlance Technologies. The company last September introduced a new version of its WorldServer software system that includes unfastened APIs, so companies can incorporate Idiom's database for translated footing and phrases into other applications.

Google and security seller Symantec were among the Parlance clients that pushed Parlance to make the APIs.

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