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Survey says: Most RI residents feel safe in their neighborhoods - Quad-Cities Online

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Survey says: Most R.I. occupants experience safe in their vicinities

Posted online: March 10, 2008 9:54 Prime Minister Print publication date: 03/11/2008

By Jonathan Turner,

ROCK island -- A new study of Rock Island occupants bespeaks most experience their parts of the metropolis are safe.

Eighty percentage of those surveyed feel safe in the vicinities where they live, according to a telephone study of 400 occupants completed last autumn by Personal Selling Research of Davenport. Those occupants stand for all countries of the city, according to a map provided in the 30-page study report.

Only 3 percentage of respondents make not experience safe in their neighborhoods, the study showed.

Regarding business district Rock Island, 54 per centum of occupants said they felt the country is "very safe" or "safe," 40 percentage "somewhat safe," while 7 percentage said "not safe."

The study received responses from 401 non-residents (from Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline and East Moline), and a greater percentage of non-residents felt insecure downtown.

"We necessitate to hear more than that it's safe," Ald. Margie Mejia-Caraballo, 5th Ward, said of spreading the good word about The District. "The Numbers are showing that it is safe."

Downtown was cited as the best thing about Rock Island by 28 percentage of non-residents, and 36 percentage of all respondents said Rock Island have the best business district in the Quad-Cities. Among non-residents, Davenport won the top honor, 37 percentage to 26 percentage for Rock Island.

Renaissance Rock Island makes a community selling study every two old age and consequences from anterior old age were listed in the report. Questions about vicinity and business district safety were new this year, as was a inquiry about whether respondents acted upon seeing the "Rock Solid, Rock Island" telecasting commercials.

The metropolis contributed -- with Rock Island Economic Growth Corp. and Development Association of Rock Island -- to producing four 30-second TV spots, which aired from September 2006 through March 2007.

Rock Islanders Kraut Jones, January Masamoto, Adam Niels Abel and Laura Pappas provided unscripted testimonies that became the footing for the commercials.

Thirty-six percentage of the last study respondents said they saw the ads, and 15 percentage of those changed their mental image of the city, with 8 percent saying "they are doing something differently" because of the spots.

"I've talked to other selling people and A selling professor at Augustana, and they said that's a pretty positive number," said Jennifer Fowler, community selling director. Not many organisations or companies even track the effectivity of advertising, she said.

Ald. Dave Conroy, 2nd Ward, said new advertisements should speak about specific metropolis comforts like parks, Whitewater Junction, Sunset Marina, golf game courses of study and fitness center. Those visuals were shown in the last television ads, but not mentioned by featured residents, Ms. Henry Watson Fowler said.

By December 2008, four new television advertisements will be produced and air over a six-month period, she said. They also will concentrate on business, schools, business district and the community at large.


Excerpts from R.I. study consequences

-- 65 percentage of occupants said their perceptual experience of Rock Island was positive; 10 percentage said theirs was negative.

-- 24 percentage of non-residents had a positive perceptual experience overall of the city; 27 percentage a negative one.

-- 11 percentage and 28 percent, respectively, of surveyed occupants said the best things about the metropolis are metropolis authorities and the downtown.

-- Those surveyed said the best feature of Rock Island is its diverseness of people; the worst is the city's force and crime.

-- 48 percentage of respondents felt very safe or safe downtown; 41 percentage felt somewhat safe.

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