Saturday, March 8, 2008

Internet game which feeds poor attracting lakhs of people

YORK: An Internet game launched by United Nations World Food Program (WFP) six calendar months ago
has proved so popular that it have generated enough rice to feed 1.1 million
people for a day. The
interactive vocabulary game lets a participant 20 grains of rice for each correct
answer. The money raised through advertisement is used to subvent rice
donations. Thus it allows
children simultaneously to support their vocabularies and assist provender world's
hungry children. With between
3 hundred thousand and 5 hundred thousand people playing it daily, it have generated 21 billion grains of
rice for WFP. The first
recipients of the website's assistance were refugees from Union Of Burma pickings shelter in
Bangladesh. Ugandan school children and pregnant and nursing female parents in Cambodia
were among other beneficiaries. Next batch of rice will be
distributed among Bhutani refugees in Nepal. "I never imagined that things
would travel this fast or that it would be such as a success," said the game's
creator Toilet Breen, an online fundraising innovator from the United States. "Quite apart from the actual
amount of rice generated, FreeRice is a antic manner of spreading the message
about human race hunger." A new
audio mathematical function allows participants hear how words are pronounced, and Breen said a team
of lexographers is working to spread out the database of 10,000 words. To scale up
the game's entreaty to little and non-native English speakers, visitants can now
select the degree of difficulty.

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…Wanna play another game? ;)

I take the opportunity of this article to present answer4earth .
Along the same lines of Freerice, it’s about general knowledge… and it's great!