Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Google To Hold Web 2.0 Developer Event - InformationWeek

Google on Tuesday said it will throw a developer event in May natural covering a assortment of subjects on Web 2.0 application development.

Called Google I/O, the two-day event will be held May 28-29 at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Along with covering subjects in application development in general, Google applied scientists will also discourse the company's developer products.

"As a community, developers are shaping the hereafter of the Web, putting foundations in topographic point now that future coevals of users won't be able to conceive of life without," Vic Gundotra, VP of technology for developer merchandises at Google, . "Google's developer events are a topographic point for developers to observe this moment, join forces with each other, and larn about faster and better ways to successful Web applications and a better Web."

Among the subject countries Google bes after to cover are tools and techniques related to Ajax and JavaScript, both used in edifice user interfaces for Web 2.0 applications. In addition, the company is expected to discourse tools available for tapping into Web application scheduling interfaces. Google will also cover its toolkit during this session.

Other subjects include the new moving ridge of Apis and frameworks, , for edifice applications to tap into societal networks. On the mobile side, Google applied scientists will undertake engineerings such as as Android and Mobile River Gearing for edifice applications on the mobile Web.

Finally, Google bes after to cover geo and map applications, focusing on engineerings ranging from keyhole markup linguistic communication to Google Maps API. KML is an XML information file formatting for managing the show of 3-D geospatial data.

Google applied scientists conducting the Sessions include Mark Lucovsky, Guido avant garde Rossum, Saint David Glazer, Alex Martelli, Steve Souders, Dion Almaer, Jeff Dean, Chris DiBona, and Josh Bloch. Tickets are $400 for developers, with price reductions available for students.

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