Friday, March 28, 2008

The Nigerian Scam (As Seen On TV) - How To Protect Yourself From It

One of the most common e-mail cozenages today is called the "Nigerian Scam" (also known as the Nigerian Letter or 419 fraud). Although the Nigerian Scam come ups from the state of Nigeria, word forms of the cozenage have got originated from other parts of Africa and Europe. Although the current word form of the Nigerian Scam looks to have got started in Federal Republic Of Nigeria during the 1970s, an early version called the "Spanish Prisoner Letter" have been around since the Center Ages.

Normally, the cozenage gets with a letter, facsimile or e-mail, sent out by a household of a rich Nigerian political figure who is currently in prison house or dead. The household cannot addition entree to the "frozen account" that incorporates billions of dollars, but the money can be deposited into a foreign depository financial institution account. The household must happen aliens willing to have a part of this money for safekeeping. In exchange for doing so, the receiver is able to maintain up to 40% of the sum investment. What Crap!

What's worse, is that these e-mail cozenages incorporate honorable information about a existent political figs decease or imprisonment, making this cozenage look legit. The 2nd portion of the classic Nigerian Scam gets when a "victim" gives his/her depository financial institution business relationship number(s) to the transmitter in order to have the money. From this point on, the Nigerian Scam creative person will either utilize this information to make clean out the victims full depository financial institution business relationship or direct a sham tellers bank check as a partial payment. Either way... You Are Screwed!

I urge on you to be extremely cautious when receiving these e-mails. NEVER give out your personal information (especially banking info) to a complete stranger, no substance what issues or jobs he/she is facing. Because, in time, they may go YOUR problems!

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