Saturday, November 24, 2007

Before the bell: AAPL, WFMI, GOOG, GM, PFE ... - BloggingStocks

Posted November 21st 2007 8:30AM by Filed under: , , , , , , , , , After French Republic come ups Federal Republic Of Germany with a similar ruling: Apple Inc.'s (NASDAQ: ) iPhone without contract restrictions. Deutsche Telekom AG's (NYSE: DT) mobile unit of measurement said it to the tribunal opinion that was issued after Vodafone challenged T-Mobile's exclusive lock on the handset.Following Hewlett Packard's (NYSE: ) better-than-expected results, what can be expected from Dell, Inc. (NASDAQ: ). Dell, which is reporting adjacent week, is as it gains 56% of its gross from gross sales in the U.S. whereas horsepower is focused more than on international marketplaces and only gains a 3rd of its gross from the US. Considering Dell is also in the thick of a turnaround, it is clear the company may be facing more than challenges.According to TechCrunch, Google, Inc. (NASDAQ: ) is rumored to be trying "to make to the what it is trying to make to the mobile telephone with its Android operating system-create Associate in Nursing open-source hardware platform and pull developers to construct applications on top of it."Another chief executive officer who may be ache by the subprime messiness is General Motors Corp.'s (NYSE: ) Crick Wagoner. The Wall Street Diary that while Wall Street appreciated the auto maker's chief executive officer as he managed to cut costs and attain a trade with the UAW, rewarding the stock as it reached a three-year high of $43.20. Since then, however, gram shares have got fallen 39% arsenic car gross sales diminution and Wagoner's stake on subprime-mortgage loaning blew up.The Chantix, a Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: ) drug used to assist tobacco users discontinue cigarettes. There have got been studies the drug have also increases self-destructive ideas and violent behavior. Gross Sales of the drug followers Food and Drug Administration blessing last twelvemonth totaled $101 million.Whole Food Market Inc. (NASDAQ: ) after the stopping point yesterday. The natural nutrients grocer topped outlooks and raised dividends. Net Income actually declined 15%, but gross sales grew 35%, helped by the acquisition of Wild Oats. Same-store sales rose 8.2% inch the quarter.The Wall Street Diary that investors now believe the amalgamation between the two artificial satellite radiocommunication companies, Dog Star (NASDAQ: ) and XM (NASDAQ: ) now have a better opportunity of passing regulating muster as evidenced by the recent grasp in their stock prices.

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