Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gmail Works Fine on iPhone, Blanks on Windows Mobile

Tuesday, November 27, 2007 5:00 Prime Minister PST

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fans are getting antsy about a known bug in the mobile e-mail offering that hasn't been fixed by in about a month.

In October Google began supporting IMAP (Internet Message Entree Protocol) for Gmail, which intends that when mobile users direct and have Gmail e-mail on their mobile phones, their alterations are synched, appearing the adjacent clip the user entrees Gmail from any device. With POP3, previously the lone e-mail communications protocol supported by Gmail, if a user deleted a Gmail message from their inbox using their cell phone, the message would still look in the inbox the adjacent clip the user logged on to Gmail from their computer.

However, shortly after the IMAP capableness was activated, users of Windows Mobile River telephones began complaining in online forums about problems. Some of them said that hypertext markup language (Hypertext Markup Language) e-mails showed up clean on their phones. Others said that message headings appeared on their telephones but not the messages themselves.

The job looks to impact mainly Windows Mobile River users. In late October, one user complained to Google about the job with Windows Mobile River River and got a expression that Google hadn't had the opportunity to prove the Windows Mobile mail client.

"Why would google do this work with the and not WM devices," another user in the forum after reading the missive that was purportedly from Google. "I would believe the WM community is much bigger than the iPhone community, and I happen it hard to believe that no 1 at Google have or usages a WM device."

On Nov. 16, a Google employee acknowledging the problem. Google have added the issue on its , where users can describe their experiences. Google states it is working to turn to the issue.

But by Nov. 27, users were beginning to run out of patience. "Google people! The listing on the known issues page hasn't changed in

days ... weeks. At least allow us cognize you are working on this. Bash you realize, that Gmail IMAP on Windows Mobile River River in its current state is

unusable?" one individual .

Google did not answer to a inquiry about when the hole might be released.

Solving this issue may not be the end of Google's Windows Mobile problems. One blogger states that the Gmail IMAP service dramatically runs out the battery on Windows Mobile River phones. , a blogger and a Most Valuable Professional in mobile devices, ran an on his , a Windows Mobile River phone. He watched his battery life driblet 4 percentage after instructing the telephone to synch with the Gmail IMAP waiter just once. He began looking at the consequence of Gmail IMAP on his battery after noticing a in battery life once he signed up for the Gmail service.

Another technical school partisan and blogger, , said he have noticed that the Gmail IMAP waiters are quite slow and the amount of clip it takes to check up on them from a telephone could take to a drained battery. However, since the messages are coming through blank, he hasn't been using the service enough to detect an impact on battery life on his Windows Mobile River phone, he said.

The issues high spot the challenges that Google have complained about in working with the mobile industry. Application developers must pinch or compose new applications for each French telephone operating system and often even for different French telephones running the same software. Google trusts to work out the job with its Android mobile platform, which it bes after to do available for free and unfastened source. Some mobile experts, however, have got got suggested that Android may only worsen the job by adding one more than platform that developers will have to address.

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