Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blue Robin Donates $10,000 in Web Development Resources to Help Build and Implement an eBusiness Infrastructure for the Wellesley Free Library

/24-7PressRelease/ - WALTHAM, MA, November 16, 2007 - Blue Robin goes on its policy of giving back to the communities it serves, by donating $10,000 toward the designing and development of an eBusiness Infrastructure for the Wellesley Free Library. The end of the undertaking is to design, develop, and implement an eBusiness Infrastructure for the Library, utilizing the up-to-the-minute Internet engineering that volition be seamlessly incorporate with the Library's web site. The aim is to construct a system that supplies a predictable, scalable, profitable, and unafraid platform for conducting e-Business. The Library means to upgrade and set up a stronger Internet presence, as well as automating internal concern procedures utilizing the web. Wellesley Free Library takes to construct an online portal that tin ran into web visitors' expectations, and scale of measurement to ran into the varying demands of all its constituencies. The aim is to construct an on-demand, eBusiness substructure that enables the library to have got an optimized online community. The chief constituents of the undertaking include:
Building an Internet-centric Library Portal Management System to include the following:
A platform using MS-SQL and .NET2
Easy to utilize content editor ("WYSIWYG" type)
eNewsletter Management System
eMail List Management and Broadcast System
Room Reservation engine
Donation/ Philanthropy engine
Scheduling System Roles based Authentication System
Dynamic Site Map
Many more than customizable features "The Library desires to set up an online system to break function its audience by presenting up-to-date content. Blue Robin's generous contribution will let us to utilize the money we are saving on this undertaking to spread out the Library's programmes and services, which is the chief mathematical function of our Library. Blue Robin have developed an first-class architecture for the substructure of our web portal. All of the Library's staff are looking forward with expectancy to our new web land site infrastructure. Without the largesse of Blue Robin, we would have got to detain this of import undertaking by many months," states Ms. Helen Of Troy Charbonneau, Assistant Director of Technology at the Wellesley Free Library. "We desire to do a difference in the world, and we have got always believed in the importance of giving back to the communities we function -- it gives us pridefulness that we are helping." elaborates Hadi Shavarini, chief executive officer of Blue Robin. "The new Web substructure makes an online portal for the Library that tin ran into all its Web visitors' expectations, ran into the demands of all the library's content editors, and cut downs operating costs". Hadi Shavarini, CEO:781-577-6010:
Helen Charbonneau, Assistant Dir. of Technology:781-235-1610 Ten 1130: About Wellesley Free Library:
In June of 2003, the Wellesley Free Library opened its new chief library located at 530 American Capital Street. The new installation have many comfy seats areas, the general aggregation located on one floor, a fantastic children's room that includes a narrative hr country as well as a particular trade room; quiet survey areas, and community meeting space. It is designed to take advantage of the encompassing country including positions of the parkland land next door as well as a

About Blue Robin, Inc.
Blue Robin is a prima eBusiness Infrastructure and Business Intelligence Software developer that designs, develops, implements, and back ups eBusiness substructures that compound data, voice, and video, utilizing the up-to-the-minute and the top hardware and software system engineering in diverse operating environments.# # #

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