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Zimbabwe: Citizens Following Their Leaders in Crime -

Brilliant Mhlanga

THE state of affairs in Republic Of Zimbabwe now is a serious cause for concern. Even regional bodies, together with the gold look toothless. It is the Zimbabweans themselves who should lift above their junior-grade differences and hold on a common solution. During my short stretch at place when Iodine was lecturing at the National University of Science and Technology I witnessed a clear lawsuit of suffering. Imagine a state which runs without an functionary currency for nearly five years.

Imagine a authorities that bases on balls terms controls on trade goodss that are not even available in the shops. This theatrical move is even buttressed by the fact that there is a curate who presides over a authorities sanctioned taskforce whose members have got got criminal backgrounds and have no hint on how to run a business. To do substances worse, some of them have got even failed to pull off their little households allow alone businesses. The inquiry that follows then is: what haps to the ordinary citizens when the authorities is run by hoods and criminals, and when the State is generally criminalized?

Naturally ordinary citizens be given to emulate their criminal leaders. This is almost the state of affairs in Zimbabwe. Nearly everyone now lasts on criminality.

University alumni have got literally discarded their grade certifications and are resigned to foreign currency dealing and merchandising combustible on the black-market. Some university lectors have got also resorted to merchandising combustible as a manner of keeping themselves afloat. Imagine if a whole curate of faith (pastor) is involved in the black-market combustible business. In Republic Of Zimbabwe people are generally losing their sense of duty and merit.

When citizens lose their moral compass the hereafter struggles. When a sense of duty is completely lost as is the lawsuit in Zimbabwe, society suffers, particularly those who still wish to throw on to ground and ethical motive for their future.

I was reminded by one stopping point co-worker that, "if you still desire to move and unrecorded in a consecutive way, then you make not belong here". The general 'dos' and 'don'ts' usually generated by society as agency of safeguarding human decency are no longer applicable anymore. World endures in such as a state; the sense of communalism, ubuntu, is fast being substituted by selfishness.

There is even a strong likeliness that if this goes on then a strong expansive image of societal degeneracy continues, future coevals and descendants will have got nil to inherit. Even the new authorities that wins Zanu PF will have got got a batch of work in footing of re-engineering society.

I have also noticed that police force military officers who should be the keepers of the law are not only desperately hungry but go on working in their lacerate service uniforms.

The state of their place sums of money it all. I could easily reap that most of these dedicated work military unit and women in the force are breadwinners. If they are in such as a state, then what have happened to their families? The sad facet is that they still wish to salvage the nation-state loyally, while the State denies them their proper dues. It is now the State which criminalizes them.

If this is the state of affairs then, who will patrol society? Are it not generally expected that when the State neglects to supply for its citizens, particularly those work military unit and women who are serving diligently in the force then corruptness runs amok? When there is such as a state of societal decay, then where is the future? Republic Of Zimbabwe is now a good illustration of the spread between the rich and the mediocre broadening everyday. Surely, whoever, said, "the mediocre volition never come into the Earth had a point".

After all this have got been said and done, with the image I have created, conceive of a President who stand ups at the United Nations 62nd full general assembly and claims all release credentials. Are it not correct then for people to sensibly say, "to Hell with his release credentials"? If release have brought us so much agony we are then forced to inquiry whether we had it in the first place. Or was it just a lawsuit of a achromatic human face which simply substituted a achromatic 1 without changing past colonial structures?

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Is Mugabe not the same as his former colonial Masters and handlers? Furthermore, this is a president who presides over a criminal government, with curates who openly prosecute in criminal activities in the name of land reform and achromatic empowerment. Yet the tribunals are always busy with ordinary citizens being sentenced to prison house house twenty-four hours in and twenty-four hours out say, ' Africa a prison is where a large criminal put option littler ones'? Whatever happened to the liberators? Was Dambudzo Marechera incorrect for authorship the followers words? looks to me for all the ideals our independency is supposed to represent,it's calm the same old ox-wagon of the rich getting richer and the mediocre getting poorer. There's level an effort to do poorness a holy and acceptable condition. You state you're hungry, and the shef equals over his three mentums down at you and states 'Comrade, you're the anchor of the revolution as if your life's aspiration is to be as thin and thin as a mosquito's backbone.' And you seek to state 'Shef, I don't desire to be the backbone, I desire to be the large abdomen of the battle against neo-colonialism like the 1 you got there underneath that Fidel Castro beard.' And before you even complete what you are saying he's got the Congress of Industrial Organizations and the police force and you are being marched at gunpoint to the question barracks. (Marechera 1984: 37f).

Brilliant Mhlanga is a human rights militant and an academic from the National University of Science and Technology.

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