Thursday, November 29, 2007

CHECKLIST: Be secure on the Web

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brian Grayek, frailty president of menace content at CA, an information-technology firm, offers these tips to maintain you computing machine safe:

Secure your web router. The web router is your gateway to the Internet, so do certain you utilize a router that have built-in firewall functionality.

You should also configure it securely, including changing the default watchword to one that can't be easily guessed.

Brand certain that not just any communicating port can link to the Internet. For instance, many bots utilize the same communicating ports as general Web traffic, so they can't be blocked.

Don't unfastened fond regards from unknown or known beginnings in e-mail, IM or on societal networking land sites unless you have got anti-phishing technology installed on your Web browser and difficult drive.

Keep personal information in a "safe." Within a firewall, come in private information in the safe characteristic establish in good products.

Turning on a safe characteristic forestalls any transmittal going through the Web or e-mail if any private information is being sent through.

See using a lesser-known Web browser, such as as Opera or Netscape. Most malware is written for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.


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