Friday, November 9, 2007

DivX Video Format Explained

DivX is known to make a balance between quality and register size with its highly efficient compaction abilities. And because of that, it s one of the codecs used for ripping where audio and picture are copied from a beginning to the personal computer difficult disc for archiving and transcoding.

The commercial DivX vies with Microsoft's Video for Windows in WMV, Apple's QuickTime in the MOV and RealNetwork's Real Video in the RMM data file formats. An unfastened beginning version released by Xvid solutions in 2001 is the Xvid data file format.

While DivX have long been celebrated for its first-class picture quality, its free and unfastened beginning equivalent Xvid today offerings comparable quality, also based on MPEG-4 Part 2 (MPEG-4 ASP). In a series of subjective quality diagnostic tests at, the DivX codec have been successively beaten by Xvid every twelvemonth since 2003. Confusion clarified

DivX are two different things from two different companies. One is DIVX created by Circuit City, a United States electronics retail giant that attempted to marketplace a DVD lease system that used particular participants and discs. And the other is the DivX multimedia system codec trademarked and marketed by DivX, Inc. which is actually a mention to the failing Circuit City system.

A short history

DivX roots can be traced back to 1998 as a hacked version of Microsoft's MPEG4 version 3 which is inferior to the MPEG4 that we cognize today. It was a Gallic hacker Jerome Rota who, rather than modify his picture sketch which could not play on the new Windows Media Player at that time, reverse-engineered the MPEG4 formatting together with a German Hacker Max Morice to come up up with an MPEG4 formatting encapsulated in AVI instead of the ASF it originally had. It only took them a week. Between 1998 and 2002, the DVD hacking community had independent hackers heighten the formatting that later came to have got the Divx with a smiley emoticon Joule attached as version 3.0.

In 2000, Rota was hired by Jorda Greenhall to constitute a company called DivXNetworks (later renamed to DivX, Inc.) based in the Gallic Riviera. The association resulted in the OpenDivX codec a twelvemonth later. Its beginning codification was unfastened to anyone and could be downloaded from the website. The followers year, the two left for San Diego and developed the OpenDivX software system to go DivX version 4.0. Other developers took the Encore2 software system system to heighten the unfastened beginning OpenDivX to get at the challenger Xvid format.maintained by Xvid Solutions, Inc.
The DivX Company continued to heighten the DivX software that in 2002 have taken on the 5th version. By 2004, the characteristics of the DivX formatting are as complete as we cognize it today. In May 2007, the Windows View version DivX 6.6 for the personal computer and the Macintosh was released.

The advantages and benefits of using DivX

DivX establish itself at the bosom of picture buccaneering in the late 90s as its formatting became widely popular for ripping copyrighted DVD stuffs for moonshine reproduction and distribution. A figure of generic DVD participants as well as branded 1s are claiming to play DivX materials

What's so appealing about the formatting is that it's free. Same with the software system participants you can utilize to play it with. It belongs to the unfastened beginning community together with Xvid offering competitory if not better quality.

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