Friday, November 23, 2007

Cyber Monday could mean online deals

By Christine Dugas

USA Today

Almost three-quarters of Internet retail merchants will offer particular trades on Cyber Monday to kick off the vacation online shopping season, a National Retail Federation study shows.

The opinion poll of 116 retail merchants establish 72 percentage program particular offers. Only 43 percentage featured similar offerings two old age ago, when the Monday after Thanksgiving Day was dubbed Cyber Monday.

"It began in 2005, and it caught some people by surprise," states George C. Scott Silverman, executive manager director of NRF's, which released the study. "Last twelvemonth some online retail merchants were still on the sidelines, but I believe all the uncertainties are gone."

Shoppers are getting wise about looking for deals., which supplies information about online sales, states its figure of Cyber Monday visitants more than tripled last twelvemonth from 2005.

On Monday, about a 3rd of Internet supplies will offer particular e-mail political campaigns and almost 30 percentage will have got one-day sales, the retail federation says. Many also will establish free transportation for the vacation season.

Cyber Monday isn't the No. One online shopping day, but retail merchants still vie for customers.

"We're really pushing it this twelvemonth because we saw the success of last year," states Jumper Gniwisch, laminitis of, Associate in Nursing online jeweler.

Retailers also desire to hook shoppers sooner because they are worried a weak economic system may stifle sales.

"Retailers are so worried about people being very thrifty this Christmastide and disbursement less," states Daniel Delaware Grandpre, editor of

The land site studies the best trades on engineering and gadgets.

Among Cyber Monday offers:

• states it will give away diamond he-man earrings to every 100th customer. It is offering A 20 percentage price reduction to anyone who travels to a particular page it have created for Cyber Monday.

• volition give 25 percentage off on all running play and preparation apparel, which it states is a larger offering than last year's.

•, a retail merchant of bosom apparel, will offer a 20 percentage price reduction on its place page. Last year, it offered publicities only to existent customers.

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