Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mobio Launches Lifestyle Portal For Windows Smartphones - InformationWeek

With Google's proclamation of its planned mobile platform this week, mobile applications are a hot market. But Google isn't the lone 1 striving to make a richer experience on smartphones and cell phones. Mobio Networks on Tuesday launched a life style portal for Windows Mobile-based smartphones, serving up appliances and applications to a scope of mobile users.

The portal, called GetMobio, is a aggregation of over 50 Web service mash-ups that show nightclubs, restaurants, and local events. It also includes appliances like Mobio's Cheap Gas, which names the last cost gas stations near any location.

Mash-ups trust on Web 2.0 development engineerings -- Ajax techniques and Adobe's synergistic Flash software, for illustration -- so they work more than like synergistic software system system than a unchanging Web page. To read more than than about location mash-ups .

Mobile users necessitate telephones that tin make more than just voice and text. In fact, the demand of multimedia system telephones have greatly increased over the past few years. But users are faced with the challenge of managing mobile content that is streamed to and stored on phones, which are often resource-constrained.

GetMobio can be accessed through a phone's Web browser, so it doesn't necessitate a batch of processing powerfulness and storage space.

Mobio have been deploying its portal of appliances and applications to users of all types of devices from feature-rich cell telephones like the Motorola Razr to blackberry smartphones. Windows Mobile-based smartphones are the up-to-the-minute improver to Mobio's growth listing of compatible devices. With a big figure of consumers selecting Windows Mobile River for personal use, Mobio saw a good chance to widen its portal to those users, according to the company.

"The desire for merriment and functional mobile content for both professional and personal demands is steadily growing in the U.S. market. We're thrilled to offer the GetMobio mobile life style portal to the Windows Mobile River community, which have already demonstrated a strong desire to utilize mobile engineering in incorporate and advanced new ways," said Marcia Kadanoff, Mobio's VP of marketing, in an e-mail.

Earlier this week, an of import development took topographic point when and a new alliance to advance unfastened criteria for mobile devices and applications.

The Internet hunt giant said it's working with 30 companies, which include bearers T-Mobile and Dash Nextel, device shapers HTC, Motorola, and Samsung, and chipmakers Qualcomm and Broadcom, among many others. Google bes after to make an unfastened beginning mobile platform called Android that is likely to convey openness and more than developers to smartphone applications.

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