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Prophet - Easy Outlook CRM Software

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(OPENPRESS) November 8, 2007 -- Avidian Technologies, have announced that it is launching an RSS news provender in order to increase its visibleness in the CRM software system system and concern software market. Items available via Avidian's RSS provender will include Avidian's up-to-the-minute releases, articles and client lawsuit surveys on CRM and Contact Management success. RSS stand ups for "Really Simple Syndication" and will supply Avidian Technologies with the chance to bring forth more than content that is available on the Internet. Avidian is aware that the bulk of concerns that usage the Internet make so to assist them happen not only customers, but also merchandises and services they necessitate to construct their businesses. Many web publishing houses trust on RSS feeds to supply content for websites including golf course and newspaper headlines and Avidian means to capitalise on these capabilities. The RSS news provender will be combined with progress Search Engine Optimization techniques to do the company a major participant on the Internet. With over 12,500 concerns worldwide successfully using Avidian's Prophet CRM and Contact Management software system in Outlook, the company is continuing its worldwide leading in the CRM space. Prophet CRM is widely known for providing easy contact direction and effectual gross sales mechanization solutions to little and medium size companies. The CRM software system is designed to run within Microsoft Mentality and is easy to put in and very user-friendly. Businesses that are using Prophet CRM software system are reporting additions in transition rates, gross sales and profits. The system is fully automated and supplies gross gross sales directors with a manner to maintain up with everything being done by the sales team. Prophet's patented engineering for easy contact management, gross gross sales tracking and coverage capablenesses do it a great solution for companies looking for simple and yet powerful sales direction system. Avidian studies that with its RSS news provender attempts it fully anticipates to quickly increase the traffic to its website and convey in more than clients who will larn the advantages of the contact direction and CRM software system the company provides. It will also increase the company's ability to supply information about new inventions in its CRM products. About Avidian Technologies
Avidian Technologies is the prima software system company specializing in creating gross sales direction solutions for users of Mentality and Exchange. Prophet, developed by Avidian Technologies on the .NET platform, is the prima gross sales software system built inside Microsoft Outlook. The company is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. For more than information, delight visit Contact:
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Perry said...

Prophet CRM is a great solution for smaller businesses, especially those running MS Outlook of course.

Visionary company.. they have even just been awarded a patent dealing with the way Prophet handles contacts etc.

Certainly one of the most popular small business CRM solutions on our website. SmallBizCRM

Polexia754 said...

I agree with the post above. Prophet CRM is a great solution.

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