Friday, September 19, 2008

AARP and NCOA Launch Online Tool to Help Older Americans Access Economic Stimulus Payments

WASHINGTON, March 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Applying for economic
stimulus payments will now be easier for more than than 20 million Americans who
normally don't have got to register a taxation tax return thanks to the development of a
new, user-friendly online tool developed jointly by Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons Tax-Aide and the
National Council on Aging's (NCOA's) BenefitsCheckUp(R). The Stimulation Payment Tool will assist the more than than 20 million people --
many of whom are seniors -- to fill up out an Internal Revenue Service Form 1040A to receive
payments under the Economic Stimulation law. People can access the tool either
through NCOA's BenefitsCheckUp(R) at or through
AARP's web land site at . "It's important for people to have got easy to understand instructions
about who's eligible for the stimulation payment and the ability to fill up out
the 1040A form," said Gilbert Stuart Spector, NCOA Senior Frailty President. "NCOA
worked difficult to progress the economical stimulation statute law and this joint
effort with Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons Tax-Aide produced an effective, smart tool to do it a
reality for those in need." The Stimulation Payment tool do available in one topographic point on the Internet,
simple, easy-to-understand instruction manual coupled with the ability to
complete and black and white the Internal Revenue Service 1040A form, with individualized instruction manual on
where to mail it. The Stimulation payment tool will do it easy for stimulus
payment filers, and trusted intermediaries, household members and caregivers
that assistance them, to take the necessary actions to acquire the stimulation payment
that they are entitled to under the law. "AARP is dedicated to making certain people have got the information and
resources they necessitate to have their stimulation payments," said Uncle Tom Nelson,
AARP's Head Operating Officer. "Developing this on-line tool with NCOA
enables the one thousands of Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons volunteers, community groupings and trusted
individuals to assist aged Americans securely have their stimulus
payments. This tool is an incredibly straightforward manner to assist every
person who is eligible for a payment acquire one." NCOA promotes people who are filing their 1040A word forms for the
Economic Stimulation to also take some clip to happen out if they are eligible
for other benefit programmes by using BenefitsCheckUp. BenefitsCheckUp is a
Web land site that tin aid people aged 55 and over and some little people with
Medicare happen and acquire the benefits they are eligible for. NCOA's research
shows that many seniors are not aware of these programmes or believe that
they are not eligible for them. BenefitsCheckUp do it easy for seniors,
their households or health professionals to finish a questionnaire that lone takes a
few minutes, is free, and replies are always private. Richard E. Byrd, Internal Revenue Service Commissioner for Wage and Investment, joined NCOA
and Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons Thursday in American Capital to denote "Super Saturday," intended to
help people throughout the state acquire assist filing for payments scheduled
for Saturday, March 29. Approximately 320 Internal Revenue Service business offices will be unfastened on Super
Saturday to set up the simple Form 1040A for people who are filing a
return solely to have their stimulation payment, along with Internal Revenue Service partners
such as AARP, United Manner of United States and tons of other trusted,
community-based organizations. "We don't desire any Americans to lose out on their economical stimulus
payment. For billions of Americans, filing a taxation tax return is not routine. Their income is either too low or not taxable. But this year, filing a 2007
tax tax return is the lone manner to have an economical stimulation payment. Super
Saturday is one manner the Internal Revenue Service and its spouses are working to guarantee everyone
eligible have a stimulation payment," said Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Doug Shulman. About the National Council on Aging Founded in 1950, the National Council on Aging (NCOA) have a missionary post is
to better the lives of aged Americans. A non-profit organization with
3,700 members, we also have got a national web of some 14,000 organizations
and leadership that aid us in our work. NCOA members include senior centers,
area federal agencies on aging, grownup twenty-four hours service centers, faith-based service
organizations, senior lodging facilities, employment services, consumer
groups and leadership from academia, concern and labor. Our programmes help
older people stay healthy and independent, happen jobs, addition entree to
benefits programs, and detect meaningful ways to go on contributing to
society. For more than information on NCOA, visit . About BenefitsCheckUp(R) Developed and maintained by the National Council on Aging (NCOA),
BenefitsCheckUp is the nation's most comprehensive Web-based service to
screen for benefits programmes for seniors with limited income and resources. It includes more than than 1,550 populace and private benefits programmes from all
50 states and the District of Columbia. For more than information on
BenefitsCheckUp, visit .

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