Monday, September 29, 2008

Zambia raises US$4 million for rural ICT fund -

The Communications Authority of Republic Of Zambia have raised more than than 14 billion Zambian kwacha (US$4 million) for rural information and communication
technology, according to a authorities official.

Minister of Communications and Conveyance Dora Siliya said the money will be used to supply information and communication
engineering (ICT) services in rural areas. The money have been raised through service complaints slapped on mobile-phone service
suppliers and Internet service suppliers (ISPs) operating in the state by the Communications Authority of Zambia. Don't Miss!

Siliya said in the aftermath of a conference on telecenter issues in Capital Of Zambia last hebdomad that the Zambian authorities is developing
ICT programmes aimed at rural communities, which are less serviced by most service providers.

The country's 5th national development plan, for 2006-10, foregrounds the demand to put up rural ICT initiatives, which include
the development of telecommunication substructure and entree to ICTs by the rural population, Siliya noted. Related Content

Siliya said in improver to the finances raised from the service providers, the Zambian authorities have also put aside US$1 million
to be used for the same program. The programmes for rural ICT monetary fund will be implemented by the Communications Authority of Zambia,
which modulates communicating systems in Republic Of Republic Of Zambia in cooperation with service suppliers wanting to widen their services to
rural areas.

"It is such as an initiative, which will authorise Zambians by unlocking the resources for creative activity of occupations and wealthiness creation
because service suppliers will widen their services to distant rural areas," Siliya said.

The Communications Authority of Republic Of Zambia have not started giving out the funds, however, claiming it is still working on a policy
that volition supply guidelines on how the finances should be given out and who measure ups to entree them.

Siliya said the authorities will force the authorization to begin the execution of the programme as soon as possible.

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