Friday, September 12, 2008

Antitrust review of Google-Yahoo deal no surprise -

News studies this hebdomad that the U.S. Department of Justice is formally reviewing a projected advertisement trade between Google
and Yokel came as no surprise to some technical school trade groupings and advocacy groupings based in Washington, D.C.

A American Capital Post narrative Wednesday saying the DOJ had launched a formal probe of the advertisement trade wasn't much of a shocker
to Google and Yahoo, either, as the two companies had voluntarily delayed the execution of the trade for more than than three
calendar months in acknowledgment that the DOJ would look at the antimonopoly implications. Don't Miss!

A DOJ spokeswoman said Wednesday that the federal agency have acknowledged since mid-June that it was looking into the deal. A public
verification that the DOJ is examining the trade amounts to a "formal investigation," she said.

Google said it is cooperating with the DOJ. Related Content

"We are continuing to have got combined treatments with the Department of Justice about this arrangement, and voluntarily
delayed execution for three and a one-half calendar months in order to give them clip to understand the agreement," said Adam Kovacevich,
a Google spokesman. "That procedure is continuing exactly as expected. We are confident that the agreement is good to
competition, but we are not going to discourse the inside information of the process."

Google and Yokel announced June 12 a trade to run some of Google's ads alongside Yokel hunt results. The announcement
came just hours after a projected acquisition of Yokel by Microsoft drop through, although Microsoft have continued to express
involvement in such as a deal.

Google and Yokel had run a diagnostic test of the advertisement programme in April.

Still, with recent news of the DOJ investigation, representatives of two technical school trade groupings said they expected the federal agency would
look into the deal.

"Even though serious antimonopoly jobs are unlikely, it was appropriate for the political parties to offer up a hold while regulators
reappraisal the deal," said Erectile Dysfunction Black, chief executive officer of the Computer and Communications Industry Association, a trade grouping that have raised
concerns about anticompetitive behaviour in the technical school industry. "This is a good proviso to assist everyone understand the facts
surrounding the trade and do certain there is no noxious impact on competition or consumers."

A formal reappraisal was "inevitable," added Jonathan Zuck, president of the Association for Competitive Technology, a trade group
often aligned with Google rival Microsoft. The trade is between the figure 1 and figure two companies in the "crucial"
online advertisement market, Zuck added. 1

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