Friday, September 5, 2008

Alan Johnson has agreed to forfeit the money - BBC News

Health Secretary Alan Samuel Johnson have been ordered to pay a contribution of £1,675, which he received last August, into public funds.

The Electoral Committee state the gift is impermissible because the donor, Mirza Beg, was not registered to vote at the time.

The committee states it was a echt inadvertence on Mister Johnson's part.

The curate raised one thousands of lbs last twelvemonth to fund his unsuccessful deputy sheriff Labor leading campaign.

There was no purpose to interrupt the rules, the electoral guard dog said, adding it was an accidental "oversight".

However, Mister Samuel Johnson must pay £1,675 into the Treasury's amalgamate fund.

This agency Mister Samuel Johnson will effectively have got to return the money twice - he returned the contribution of his ain agreement to Mister Beg last December when he realised that it broke the rules.

Under the demands of the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act, any impermissible contributions not returned to the giver within 30 years must be forfeited to the Treasury.

If the contribution is returned to the giver after the 30 twenty-four hours time period - as it was in this lawsuit - it must still be paid to the Treasury.

Politicians can only accept money from givers who are registered to vote at the clip the contribution is made. Mister Beg was not on the electoral function when the money changed custody in August.

The Electoral Committee said Mister Samuel Johnson had agreed to give up the money so they will not be taking legal action.

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