Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why Your Product Funnel Cannot Start With Some Silly Low-Priced Item

A merchandise funnel is basically this thought where, the traditional idea, you convey a big figure of people into your website through either a free gift or a low priced item. Once they've bought that, you present them to a higher priced point and on and on and on. You're just ultra-qualifying people all the manner up. That's a very traditional merchandise funnel.

However, there's one fatal flaw with that peculiar merchandise funnel and that is the individual who will purchase a $5000 merchandise from you or a $50,000 merchandise from you or maybe even a $1000 merchandise from you is not the same individual who will purchase a $10 e-book from you. Which intends if you're building your funnel shape starting with a $5 or $10 product, you're probably never going to sell those people a higher priced merchandise because the individual that volition spend....

In fact, just to give you an idea, just today I was on the telephone with person advertisement we had a nice conversation. I spent about 45 proceedings with them. I had some inquiries for them and they were attempting to sell me some coaching job product. Now I was expecting a merchandise with a terms of about $3000 to $5000 for everything they claimed they were able to make for me in like a 10 hebdomad class. They told me the terms and it was $350 for that whole thing.

As soon as they told me the price, I decided I wasn't buying it. Why wasn't I buying it? Because there was no manner I only wanted $350 worth of material. Because if I was going to pass 10 hours on this class, pass $350, it's not deserving my time. I can do more than money in those same 10 hours on something else. If they're only going to give me #350 worth of stuff and 10 hours, I don't desire to have got anything to make with them. That's the job when you begin out with that low-priced item.

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