Wednesday, September 3, 2008

'Challenging umpires is all right'

Indo-Asian News Service
SYDNEY, May 9: Former Commonwealth Of Australia captain Steve Evelyn Waugh have welcomed the International Cricket Council's program to let the participants to dispute umpiring determinations in Diagnostic Test cricket. With other athletics like lawn tennis and major football game codifications having successfully introduced picture engineering to check up on disputatious decisions, Evelyn Waugh believes it is only a substance of clip before cricket followed suit. "Modern-day sport is moving more than than and more in this way and if it works it will be great," Evelyn Waugh was quoted in The Daily Telegraph. "If it doesn't take away too much from the game and the right determinations are given, it can only be a good thing. "I'm willing to see how it works, just as long as it doesn't take too long. I'm also in favor of the human component and I believe anybody who passes up to six or seven hours a twenty-four hours observation cricket desires to be portion of that decision-making process."
The Interstate Commerce Commission had announced on Thursday that an umpire reappraisal system would be tried out in a Diagnostic Test series this year, possibly between England and South Africa, starting in July. Under the Interstate Commerce Commission proposal, the captains and bowlers will be able to utilize the Hawkeye system to dispute up to three determinations each innings - including lbws and catches. Also the on-field umpire will confer with with the 3rd umpire when a determination is challenged, before the on-field umpire gives the concluding decision. However, Evelyn Waugh said he hoped for cricket's interest the game did not go too s.terile and lose its passionateness as a consequence of drawn-out arrests for picture replays. Australian manager Tim Nielsen and new wicketkeeper Brad Haddin though have got some reserves about the new system, fearing the game could acquire bogged down with too many on-field disputes. "We necessitate to be a spot careful that we don't leap head-first in and travel gung-ho the other manner and do too many calls,'' Nielsen said as the Occident Indies-bound Aussies went through their preparation electric drills in Brisbane. "I don't cognize how many modern times there have got been three really chancy determinations in an innings too often. It intends almost a 3rd of the (10) wickets that you necessitate to acquire a squad out, you can contest, which looks like a high figure to me.''
Haddin said he was acute for the human component to be maintained in umpiring. "In all honestness I like the umpiring set-up the manner it is, you take the good with the bad,'' Haddin said. The picture system could protract the callings of respective struggling umps - notably South Africa's Rudi Koertzen and Occident North American Indian Steve Bucknor - who are past their best and have got produced repeated umpiring shockers. The umpiring trial have also won strong support from former England batter Geoff Boycott. "As a player, all you ever desire is as many accurate determinations as possible,'' Boycott said. "If I make a error and I'm out, well so be it, that's my fault, but you don't desire to be given come out of the closet when you experience you're not out.''

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