Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cloudbook maker Everex snapped up by Newmarket - NetworkWorld.com

Low-cost PC shaper Everex this hebdomad said it had agreed to be acquired by systems planimeter Newmarket Technology for an undisclosed

Newmarket said it will purchase 75 percentage of Everex's shares from parent company First International Computer, a Taiwan-based
personal computer vendor. Don't Miss!

Everex is well-known for the Linux-based Cloudbook, an cheap ultraportable notebook computing machine like the Asus Eee PC, which
it introduced earlier this year. In April, Everex announced Cloudbook Max, an ultraportable laptop computer that includes WiMax mobile
broadband capabilities.

The company also sells laptop computers and desktops in North United States and Asia-Pacific through Wal-Mart and other statistical distribution channels. Related Content

Newmarket, which supplies systems integrating and engineering substructure services, said Cloudbook's ability to offer high-speed
WiMax capablenesses will be at the centre of the company's attempt to offer new mobile engineerings to customers, according
to Prince Philip Verges, chief executive officer and laminitis of Newmarket, in a missive to stockholders on Tuesday.

Newmarket is interested in bringing ultramobile products, especially the WiMax-enabled Cloudbook, into emerging markets, said
Alice Paul Kim, manager of selling at Everex.

Everex will convey hardware expertness to Newmarket, and combining hardware like the Cloudbook with its services will give Newmarket
an blink of an eye presence in the mobile space and set it in a place to convey out more than competitory products, Kim said. It will
also expose Everex merchandises to new markets.

Newmarket may not be a family name, but the company have a important presence in emerging marketplaces such as as Latin America
and China, Kim said.

The possibility of layoffs is small, considering Newmarket is not primarily known as a hardware company, Kim said.

The trade is likely to fold on Sept. 1.

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