Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nigeria: First Cybercrime Confab Seeks Security Measures - AllAfrica.com

Efem NkangaLagos

As the threat of cybercrime goes on to depredation the economy, an anti cyber law-breaking political campaign organisation, Global Network for Cyber solution, is collaborating with the Federal Soldier Ministry of Justice and the National Information Technology Development Agency NITDA to guarantee digital national security.

A statement made available to THISDAY said that the arrangements are put to throw the first national conference on cybercrime and cyber security in Nigeria. The event is geared towards sensitising Nigerians to the threat of cyber crime.

The major preoccupation of the event according to the statement, is premised on the demand to supply a cross platform cyber security solution model that tin be proactively incorporated into existent National Government economical development programme of actions as encapsulated in vision 2020.

The conference also seeks to analyse the cause, the harmful impact on socio-economic development and public presentation with particular focusing on the fiscal sector of the economic system as a nation's lawsuit survey as well as convey to the cognition of National authorities and principal sector drivers, the constituents of emerging and existing institutional and endeavor digital crime.

The event, with the subject "National Digital Security: Engaging the challenges of Digital Criminality, and Future of Nigeria" is scheduled to take topographic point at the Nicon Luxury Hotel, Capital Of Federal Republic Of Nigeria between August 17 and 20 this year.

The issue of cyber law-breaking and cyber security have been on the presence burner for sometime now and the International Communications Union recently identified Federal Republic Of Nigeria as the weakest nexus in the fighting against cyber crime. Global cybercrime statistics uncover a serious challenge faced by economic systems of the world. Between 2005-2007 planetary fiscal houses lost over $5 billion to cybercrime. Assorted studies conducted by reputable organic structures on the issue have got got shown that hackers' activities all over the human race have caused the planetary economic system over $1 billion over the past 12 calendar months and Federal Republic Of Nigeria have not escaped the scourge.

The Global Network for cyber law-breaking according to the statement states: "Unfortunately, fiscal sector is the hottest and greatest mark of cybercrime in recent time. Millions of money in dollars have been invested, with million of calling generated via this sector."

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The arrangement added :"We can not afford to wait and let cyber criminal to perpetuate themselves endlessly without a formidable challenge. We must have got a forum to fully understand the gross pandemic and harmful personal effects of cybercrime in this sector".

The National Conference will pull from lawsuit studies, experiences and resource stuffs gathered through its web of planetary resource people from leading planetary cyber security independent analysts, advisers and cyber security solution model providers.

The organic structure is an anti-cybercrime political campaign and cyber security solution arrangement dedicated to promoting a safe and unafraid African IT cyberspace.

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