Saturday, September 6, 2008

Info Edge to invest in Internet start-ups

Info Edge India, the supplier of online recruitment, matrimonial and existent estate classifieds that runs popular occupation land site, is looking to put in domestic cyberspace companies, an functionary told deoxyribonucleic acid Money on Thursday.

The company trusts to turn at 45-50% per annum despite lag in information engineering and fiscal services, the two large hirers.

Info Edge head operating military officer Hitesh Oberoi said that the company is expected to fold two trades in the adjacent three months. "We will put $1.5-5 million for minority bet in these companies," he said.

The two trades nearing completion are in improver to one with instruction portal Information Edge invested in this portal along with venture working capital (VC) houses KPCB and Sherpalo Ventures.

In the adjacent 1 year, Information Edge would fold three-four deals as the exclusive investor, Oberoi said. "We are not venture rugged individualists and we put out of our ain reserves, which currently stand up at $35 million. We will put in countries we understand and which would add value to the ventures," he added.

Last month, Information Edge launched an instruction portal that vies with KPCB and Sherpalo Ventures are invested in Information Edge too. Bashes this mean value a amalgamation of and is on the card game for increased marketplace share?

"There is no such as plan. We are only a minority stockholder in with no direction control. As things stand, both the companies are stated to run independently," Oberoi said.

He said Information Edge's flagship place is improbable to confront any pressure levels owed to the lag in IT and fiscal services sectors, two if its biggest industry verticals.

"Till two old age ago, we were under-penetrated in non-IT sectors. Today, non-IT business relationships for 48% of's grosses and there are five to seven sectors within it, such as as retail, insurance, telecom, and substructure that are showing healthy demand. We also believe that IT would retrieve by the 2nd one-half of this fiscal," the president added. is planning to spread out to countries such as as senior and entry degree placements.

Info Edge also runs marriage land land land site, place site and a lesser known professional networking site While the company is not aggressively selling, the other two are expected to interrupt even this fiscal.

Oberoi felt that education, matrimony, and place marketplaces are larger than the enlisting marketplace and in three to five years, these land sites could overtake's revenues. May stay in the investing manner for a piece longer. Over the adjacent three years, Information Edge will put $5-10 million into this venture.

Its marriage land site Jeevansaathi is venturing out of the practical human race with the launch of 25-30 company-owned boughtens over the adjacent six months. Each shop will see an investing of Rs 6-8 hundred thousand and is expected to interrupt even in 9-12 months.

With three of its five online places becoming profitable this fiscal, Information Edge's operating borders are seen improving.

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