Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cablevision plans Wi-Fi network in NYC

A twenty-four hours after Comcast and Time Charles Dudley Warner Cable announced investings in a , Cablevision said it would construct its ain radio broadband network, using Wi-Fi.

While Cablevision's proclamation may sound obsolete given the failures of some once-hot municipal Wi-Fi networks, its model
do sense, said Phil Solis, an analyst with ABI Research.

Cablevision, which bes after to construct the web covering its footmark within the adjacent two years, will let endorsers of
its Optimum high-speed-access service to utilize the radio web as portion of their regular subscriptions. The company, which
offers cablegram service in parts of New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, is already offering the Wi-Fi services in some areas,
said Uncle Tom Rutledge, main operating military officer for Cablevision, speaking on Thursday during a conference phone call to discourse financial

"The primary intent is a free, value-added service to new or existent customers," Solis said. That's what put this network
apart from some of the other municipal webs that have got failed, he said. "A batch of these muni Wi-Fi webs that have got got got been
built have been stand-alone entities that have relied on endorsers to pay fees or on advertisement revenue," he said. They
also often designed their concern theoretical accounts around metropolis contracts that never came.

The web should be relatively easy for Cablevision to construct since the company already have a web of high-speed lines
to attach Wi-Fi access points to. In essence, Cablevision is "letting people, via Wi-Fi, tap into their broadband network,"
Solis said.

In addition, Cablevision clients may already have got got devices like iPhones, hand-held gambling devices, and laptop computers that have Wi-Fi
capabilities. Cablevision said users will have download rates of around 1.5Mbps.

Still, Cablevision's web will be complete after Clearwire will have got built much of its network. Clearwire will utilize WiMax,
a newer, longer-range radio technology, in accredited spectrum to present the service.

WiMax and Wi-Fi each have got advantages and disadvantages in comparison, but Wi-Fi makes sense for Cablevision, Solis said. The
operator have a relatively wieldy country to work with, which is of import because the scope of Wi-Fi is shorter than WiMax,
so building a Wi-Fi web necessitates more than equipment.

EarthLink's municipal Wi-Fi fights perhaps best reflect the overall problem the sector have experienced over the past couple
of years. The company stake large on citywide Wi-Fi projects, but edifice the webs turned out to be expensive, and local
political relation slowed progress. While EarthLink still runs Wi-Fi webs in a smattering of cities, last twelvemonth it called off plans
to construct further networks and said it was .

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