Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hands On With Google Health

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 4:19 Prime Minister PDT

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After the usual drawn-out alpha form and more than than a small hullaballoo over possible privateness concerns, have launched. While it stays to be seen whether entrusting your personal wellness records to Google is ultimately a good idea, the service makes offering some value as a convenient online topographic point to hive away and pull off your wellness information. So rather than fall in the affray in debating whether or not you should actually give Google Health a try, I'll just take you on a circuit of the service and go forth your wellness attention privateness determinations up to you. Logging In

If you already have got a Google account, either for Gmail, Picasa Web Albums, or another of the company's trillion services, there's no sign-up needful to get using Google Health. Just utilize your existent login information and acquire going. If you don't yet have got a Google account, travel to google.com/health and chink Sign Up to acquire started. The service accumulates only your name and necessitates you to choose a username and password. Once you're signed up, you'll be dropped into a fairly empty-looking profile page. By default, Google Health will utilize your login name as your profile name. If you'd rather change this to your existent name (which will do it easier for your physician to understand when she's looking at your printed profile later), chink Settings, chink your profile name, and then type your preferable name and hit Enter. When you're done, chink Save alterations and then chink your newly renamed profile name at the top of the left bill of fare column to go back to your chief profile page. To fill up in your personal stats, such as as height, weight, birth date, and so on, chink Age, sex, height... under Profile Details on the left. Chink Save when you've entered all your info. Add Info

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