Monday, May 12, 2008

SOA Software buys LogicLibrary

Matching up critical constituents in the SOA space, SOA Software, which supplies SOA administration automation, said Monday it has
acquired SOA depository and administration seller LogicLibrary.

The combination makes an incorporate SOA mechanization solution, said. Enterprises can speed up acceptance of SOA with rapid bringing of services for distributed and mainframe computer environments,
the company said.

The improver of LogicLibrary engineering widens SOA Software integrating capablenesses across governed deployment platforms,
such as as IBM, JBoss, Microsoft, and SAP, SOA Software said.

"Basically, what LogicLibrary conveys to us is SOA plus lifecycle direction as well as SOA development administration and SOA
repository," said Roberto Medrano, executive director frailty president at SOA Software. "Those are of import to finish our integrated
SOA administration [portfolio]."

"From our standpoint, this supplies complemental engineering so we can supply [an] end-to-end incorporate administration solution,"
added Brant Carlson, who was laminitis and CTO of LogicLibrary and now have go senior frailty president of engineering for SOA
Software. The amalgamation supplies a natural tantrum between the SOA Software Workbench for software system policy administration and the LogicLibrary
Logidex repository, Carlson said.

SOA Software did not let go of the pecuniary value of the transaction. The trade closed last week.Paul Krill is editor at big at InfoWorld.

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