Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kenya: House Debates Drugs And Money Laundering Bills - AllAfrica.com

Mwaura Kimani

The glorification years of money launderers and international felons in Republic Of Kenya could be headed for an disconnected end.

In a renewed effort at containing international law-breakings such as as race murder and expansive corruption, Parliament have begun a fresh argument on two important Bills seeking to struggle these ills.

The Return of Crime and Money Laundering (Prevention) Bill 2008; and the International Crimes Bill 2008 have got got been reintroduced in Parliament after respective unsuccessful attempts.

These have been billed as the most effectual pieces of statute law in combating international crimes.

Experts state the comprehensive reforms could also renew investor assurance in the country.

Kenya's mental image have in the recent past times been tarnished by studies of international law-breaking syndicates, drug trafficking and high-level graft.

It is suspected that Republic Of Republic Of Kenya have go a fast development hub for international criminals. Finance curate Amos Kimunya introduced the legislation, but it nonchurchgoing during the Ninth Parliament.

It forces for the identification, tracing, freeze and ictus of return of crimes.

The law also seeks to set up a fiscal coverage Centre and plus recovery agency, to criminalise money laundering. It will necessitate fiscal institutions, designated non-financial mercantiles and people such as as as lawyers and comptrollers to take prudential measurements to assist armed combat money laundering.

For old age Republic Of Republic Of Republic Of Republic Of Republic Of Kenya have been vulnerable to money laundering owed to a deficiency of a legislative framework.

"Freezing, ictus and repatriation of return of corruptness should be facilitated by the developed human race where dishonest developing human race prima conceal their ill-gotten wealth and where they heavily invest," said Chris Odhiambo, a policy analyst at a local non governmental organisation.

The International Crimes Bill, 2008, which also nonchurchgoing with the former Parliament, is aimed at enabling the Judiciary to exert its powerfulnesses over serious law-breakings such as genocide.

The International Crimes Bill, was debated in Parliament before being rejected in 2005.

The principal aim of the Bill is to integrate the international law-breakings prescribed as offenses in the Roma Legislative Act into domestic laws of Kenya.

This would enable Kenyan government to look into and prosecute law-breakings committed in the state or abroad by or against its citizens.

The Roma Legislative Act authorises the International Criminal Court to look into law-breakings committed by subjects of subscribed nations, of which Kenya is a member.

Kenyans life in the Diaspora are put to profit if the Bill goes law as it would give government the powerfulness to extradite any suspected culprits of law-breakings against Kenyans.

Kenya have in recent calendar months been the focusing of international guard dogs over growing incidents of drug trafficking and money laundering.

According to a study released by the United States State Department in March, Kenya had go a major oasis for international drug trafficking and money laundering.

Another study released by the United Nations states that apart from the state being a theodolite point for international drug traffickers, it is also being used as a transshipment Centre for chemicals used in the industry of difficult drugs.

This have led to international anti-narcotics federal agencies naming the port of Mombasa as one of the leading theodolite ports for narcotics worldwide.

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They state it is being used by South American drug trusts to shift narcotics into Europe and North America.

Closer home, the International Criminal Court on Rwandese Republic (ICTR) have accusedKenya of not co-operating in trailing down of Rwandan runaway Felicien Kabuga. The suspect is believed to be concealment in the country.

The ICTR throws the position that Kabuga basks the protection of cardinal security figs in the former Kanu and Narc governments as well as in the current

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