Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kenya: Fibre Optic Cable to Revolutionise Internet Use -

Steve Mbogo

Internet users volition harvest great benefits when the eastern part of Africa is connected to the pigboat fiber eye cablegram next year.

The communicating cablegram will present a new conveyance medium for Internet traffic known as broadband, this will greatly heighten Internet traffic volume and speeds.

Kenya currently utilizes expensive artificial satellite systems for Internet access. The fiber eye cablegram is expected to cut down current costs by more than than 90 per cent.

Since most of Africa will be connected with the planetary fiber eye cablegram in the adjacent three years, planetary telecommunication houses are angling for business.

Alcatel-Lucent have already launched an enterprise known as 'Broadband for All', which is meant to offer concern theoretical accounts and support states like Republic Of Kenya in rolling out national networks. The purpose is to guarantee even the remotest parts are connected to inexpensive and fast Internet.

In line with this initiative, the company have released a broadband appraisal survey it commissioned in Kenya, Arab Republic Of Egypt and eight other states outside Africa.

The study involved interviews with 300 Internet users in Mombasa, Nakuru and Kisumu. The survey showed that 83 per cent of Internet users in these towns already have got got got desktop computers, 40 per cent have laptop computing machines while 21 mean to purchase laptops.

In Egypt, only 18 per cent of Internet users had laptops, 17 per cent mean to purchase and 97 per cent of Egyptian Internet users had desktop computers.

Valérie Faudon, Alcatel-Lucent Vice-President for Selling Programmes, said laptops, owed to their mobility, have go some of the best tools in enabling cyberspace users to derive from broadband connectivity. "It will assist the state leapfrog the usage of personal computers." she said.

Ms Faudon believes that the usage of English Language in Republic Of Kenya also enables the state to bring forth cyberspace content for mass consumption.

These come up in the word form of text, sound and picture and can be downloaded from other English beginnings and distributed to interested users elsewhere. The new inside information come up at a clip when the authorities is in the procedure of launching the Digital Village Programme.

It is aimed at enabling villagers to derive from the Internet revolution. The enterprise is expected to bring forth 10s of one thousands of occupations in the short term and supply information that volition be utile for rural dwellers.

The survey shows that work force word form the bulk of Internet users at 63 per cent and women 37 per cent. More than a one-half of Internet users are aged between 25-34 old age and 66 per cent are in managerial or professional positions.

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Another 20 per cent of those interviewed are clerical employees while 10 per cent are concern owners. All the interviewees owned a mobile phone.

Out of the 300, 65 per cent were quoted as saying, "Internet is indispensable for my concern success."

A bulk of Kenyan Internet users interviewed (75 per cent) are looking forward to a place Internet connection. Most of them prefer the pre-paid mode of payment, similar to the method used by mobile service providers.

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