Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Step By Step Product Funnel Exposed - Part III

One other thing that I really include in Point 5 and I don't have got it in my notes, but I desire to travel ahead and give this to you. Think about this: what make you necessitate to sell to acquire to $15,000 a month? If you have got a $50 e-book, you've got to sell 300 copies. If you have got a $500 product, you necessitate to sell 30 copies. If you have got a $5000 product, then you necessitate to sell 3 copies. If you have got $1000 product, you necessitate to sell 15 copies. You're kind of getting the thought here. If you have got got got got a merchandise funnel, state you have a $50 product, you have a $500 merchandise and you have a $5000 product, let's take the top 1 out of there, so $50, $500 and let's state $1000.

Let's see how we could strategize to acquire there, and you can kind of make some of this thought on your ain even before we acquire to your scheme session. If you desire to acquire to $15,000, how would you make that? Let's just play with some Numbers here. If we had 5 gross gross sales of a $1000 and state 10 sales at 500, what would that acquire you to? $5000 and then $5000 and then 100 gross sales of $50. I mean, I believe that's A good funnel right there.

You'd have got 100 people every calendar month who'd purchase a $50 product, out of those 100 people, 10 of them would purchase your $500 merchandise - that would acquire you to $10,000 - and then some of the 100 that just sort of skipped your $500 purchase would purchase your $1000 merchandise and that would acquire you to $15,000. When we're on that scheme call, I can actually assist you in your niche, figure out what each 1 of those merchandises could be. I could assist you calculate out what a good $500 merchandise would be in your niche, what a good $1000 merchandise is in your niche and assist you to calculate out how many of each 1 of those you could sell in your particularly niche. I believe that's about it.

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