Saturday, May 17, 2008

CJI call to tackle new age crime


New Delhi, May 17: Head Justice of Republic Of India K.G. Balakrishnan today said the criminal justness system necessitates to be revamped to implement internal laws on law-breakings like terrorism, money-laundering and weaponry and drug smuggling as well as to turn to human rights violations.

“It is imperative that the criminal justness system be revamped to turn to these concerns,” Balakrishnan said at a seminar here.

Balakrishnan said “arbitrary high-handedness and human rights violations” by security federal agencies “alienate” the people, who fall quarry to those workings against national interests.

“For this, an appropriate legal framework, particularly in criminal justice, would travel a long manner in supporting law enforcement federal agencies and making them legitimate in the eyes of the citizens.”

He cited the illustration of anti-terror laws Tada and Pota — one was allowed to oversight and the other was repealed on evidence of abuse — to brand the lawsuit for an effectual criminal justness system.

“The advocates of terror, armed with modern engineering and assisted by a battalion of slumberer cells, have got distribute their influence even to countries hitherto inaccessible,” the Head Justice said and added that any counter-terrorism method should also procure the support of local people.

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