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Stellar Rolls out SQL Recovery Software

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(OPENPRESS) May 16, 2008 -- Leading Information System Ltd. presents SQL Recovery software. The information recovery company, which have achieved its customer's satisfaction up to a extremum degree through its topmost information recovery services and products, have now come up up with new software system which can retrieve and fix corrupted Microsoft SQL waiter Database file. Until now Leading is known for its quality merchandises and this multiple sclerosis SQL Repair application is in the line of its adjacent accomplishment as it can reconstruct the damaged .mdf data files for cases like Virus attack, system shutdown, and mass media read mistake and so on. This software system would turn out as a blessing to all those who are facing information loss owed to SQL database corruption. Leading Capital Of Arizona multiple sclerosis SQL Data Recovery software-launched by Leading today, is the best solution for repairing corrupted multiple sclerosis SQL waiter databases. The fix software system system that are already available in the marketplace for repairing databases on other chopine like multiple sclerosis Entree are gaining much popularity for their enormous public presentation and now this multiple sclerosis SQL Repair software is an improver to them. It have been developed seeking the comfortableness liter zone of the users during its usage and very well adapted to scan thoroughly and completely the corrupted .mdf information files in order to pull out as much data as possible. The user will easily detect the original information deleted or modified after the usage of this software system and also is safe and non-destructive. The cardinal characteristics of the merchandise are listed below:
• Recovers Tables, Views and Rules that have been there in the database. • Recovers defaults. • All the user defined mathematical functions and information types are recoverable. • An synergistic user interface. • The stored process can also be retrieved. • Works well with Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. • Compatible with multiple sclerosis SQL Waiter 2000 version. • Can retrieve indexes and constraints. This multiple sclerosis SQL Repair software system travels good repairing the multiple sclerosis SQL waiter databases after any case of database corruptness and with any data file version of Windows and thus acting as a complete solution for your corrupted SQL databases. For more than elaborate characteristics and abilities of the software system visit: Leading Information Systems Limited is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company specializing in information recovery and information protection software, services and solutions. Leading offerings a complete solution of information data file recovery software system and lost data Restoration programmes for Windows (Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP), Apple Macintosh, Novell, Linux, Unix operating system and FAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+, NWFS, JFS, EXT2 and EXT3 file systems. Further inside information can be establish at:
India helpline: +919213955509
USA (Tollfree): +1-866-978-0600
UK (Europe): +44-207-993-2293

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