Friday, May 23, 2008

You Have To Drive Traffic To Make Big Money Online

Traffic doesn't just happen. You've got to be able to drive traffic. Organic hunt engine traffic doesn't just happen. You can't purchase a book for $100 on line that's going to learn you how to acquire one thousands of visitants on line for free. It just doesn't happen. Person have to pay somewhere and for a few of you, maybe you're going to pay for that in time. But for most of you, for most people that ever do it on line, they have got to put money in traffic.

And we could reason about it, you could reason with me about it, you believe that it can be done, but most of the people, almost everybody that would reason with me is not making almost $10,000 a month. Almost everybody on line that brands over $10,000 a month, certainly everybody whose devising over $15,000 on line is disbursement money on traffic. It's not happening for free. Some of you might even state 'what about affiliate marketing? That's free'. It's not free. You're paying person 50%, Oregon 80%, Oregon whatever the figure is of your sales. It's not free traffic. So there's almost no such as thing as free traffic, you've got to drive traffic.

This sort of point three,part B, you have got to prove the traffic, like everything. You have got to cognize which parts of your traffic are converting. Which parts of your traffic are making you money? I look at my ain traffic and currently, and this going to be brainsick figure for most people on this telephone call, but currently, about two one-thirds of my traffic is not making me any money, which intends all the money I do come ups from about one 3rd of my traffic. That figure used to be batch worse. It used to be like 6% and I just go on to turn it over clip and that figure goes on to grow. The lone manner you cognize what traffic plant and what traffic doesn't is you've got to prove it and path it over time.

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