Thursday, May 8, 2008

Google denies staff 'brain drain' - BBC News

Google have denied there is a encephalon drainage of endowment at the house followers the going of its communication theory foreman to societal web Facebook.

Elliot Schrage's going as caput of planetary communication theory and public personal business is the up-to-the-minute in a twine of senior Google staff to have got quit.

Google spokesman Flatness Furman said: "Elliot was a valued member of the Google squad and we wish him well."

He added: "We have got a deep direction pool at Google."

The Mountain Position company states it acquires 1,300 sketches every day. That adds up to nearly a one-half a million a twelvemonth from people who desire to come up and work at the Googleplex HQ, celebrated for its free epicure luncheons and on land site massages.

Facebook's chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg clearly sees its up-to-the-minute recruit as something of a coup, telling staff in an email: "Hey everyone. I am writing to you from Republic Of India to share the really good news that Elliot Schrage will be joining our direction team."

"This is a really of import function for us and one that we've been trying to happen the right individual for a while."

"Elliot's function will be critical to helping us scale of measurement based on our civilization that values transparency, openness and honorable internal communications."


In the last few calendar months those that have got jumped ship to Facebook from Google include leading executive directors such as as Sheryl Sandberg, who is now the network's head operating officer, following clip as frailty president of planetary gross sales at Google.

Are the Google campus losing its allure?

Other hires from Google to Facebook include Ben Ling who is now manager of platform merchandise selling and Ethan Beard, a former manager of societal mass media and now manager of concern development.

Gideon Yu was previously the head fiscal military officer (CFO) at YouTube who left shortly after Google acquired it in 2006 and have moved to Facebook to go its CFO.

Facebook have even managed to poach a Google executive director chef, Josef Desimone.

A host of other senior applied scientists and directors have got also left in recent months. Some have got gone on to begin up their ain companies or fall in other early phase ventures such as as Zillow, FriendFeed, Chirrup and Xobni.

Such desertions are being seen by some recruiters in a partially negative light.

John Pulsipher, president of Silicon Valley enlisting house Wollborg/Michelson, told BBC News: "It makes of course of study not look very good for Google."

He added: "But for a start up company it's great. They are always going to be attracted to the large name calling that helped take a start up like Google to the top.

"They are seen as stars given where they came from. They are like people who have got got had a hit song and are also expected to have a hit song the adjacent clip out."

The Google of yesterday

So why have Google lost something of its seal among the technorati workforce?

Facebook is hot just now but everybody cognizes that hot tin acquire cold

Toilet Pulsipher, Silicon Valley recruiter

Some observers have got noted that it is no longer the house it once was.

Far from being a hunt engine house with idealistic ends to 'do no evil', it have morphed into a giant that challengers other big technical school companies.

It now have 16,800 employees worldwide. And the chances to hit it rich have got diminished. Google's stock option bundle is not as alluring as it once was now that shares are trading stopping point to $600.

Perhaps more than importantly for some, Google no longer have that "anything goes" attack that most start ups possess.

A figure of senior staff have left Google recently

Senior applied scientist Justin Rosenstein sent an e-mail to friends describing his new Facebook employer as "the Google of yesterday, the Microsoft of long ago".

He wrote: "That company where big Numbers of stunningly superb people congregate and provender off each other's genius. That company that's doing with 60 applied scientists what squads of 600 can't draw off."

Another ex-Googler Chris Sacca, who was caput of particular initiatives, wrote in an email: "In a start up it's easy and its bucked up for folks to have on multiple hats. As a company acquires bigger, inevitably, it gets to organise itself vertically and employees are pushed to specialise."

Mr Pulsipher states getting in on the land flooring with Facebook do good economical sense if the share option bundle is sound but he believes it's wrong for ex employees to set down the company that helped do them a desirable hire for person else.

"That's a mistake. The ground they got the occupation at Facebook in the first topographic point is because of the opportunities they got at Google and the endowment they worked with. People are not an island unto themselves."

He added: "Facebook is hot just now but everybody cognizes that hot tin acquire cold."

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