Monday, May 19, 2008

Nonprofit seeks money for Schirra scholarship fund

SAN DIEGO: A non-profit-making is seeking more than money to set up a college scholarship monetary fund in award of spaceman Bruno Walter M. Schirra Jr.

Schirra, one of America's original seven spacemen and a occupant of Rancho Santa Iron for 23 years, died May 3, 2007, at age 84. He made his first flight into space in 1962 and was the lone spaceman to wing missionary posts in the Mercury, Twin and Phoebus space programs.

After Schirra's death, the San Diego Chapter of the Accomplishment Rewards for College Scientists Foundation launched an gift command in his name.

It necessitates to raise $150,000 to back up an yearly scholarship for a pupil studying aerospace technology at the University of Golden State San Diego or San Diego State University. The foundation have collected about $64,000, its functionaries said.

To donate, direct parts to discharges Foundation – San Diego Chapter, P.O. Box 8394, Rancho Santa Fe, calcium 92067-8394.

For more than information, travel to

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