Thursday, May 24, 2007

10 More Give Marketing Ideas

Give marketing is all about using your generous nature to bring you good fortune. It's "fortune" rather than reciprocation because you may be rewarded from someone other than you gave to - sometimes just the right person with the connections you need.

Of course, the best reward of give marketing is that it feels good to do the right thing...

Give Marketing Tip #1- Giving a Private Phone call

Meeting online is great. But some things are better discussed on the phone. If you have a lot of international friends, cut down your calls with Skype, an app that lets you make calls on a hi-speed connection through your computer. All you need is a headset and their free software. For a small fee you can even get an incoming phone number.

Give Marketing Tip #2- Giving a Teleseminar

Not all Give Marketing is about giving without knowing where the reciprocation will come from. Hold a free teleseminar where you discuss just a few tips as a demonstration of your knowledge, then upsell to a starter item. Add an affiliate program and you'll never be without visitors.

Give Marketing Tip #3- Giving a Webinar

While you can get free service for a teleseminar of up to 100 people if you're stateside, most webinars with more than ten guest will cost you a bit of change. To overcome that, record the webinar and sell it as a starter package to those who couldn't make it.

Give Marketing Tip #4- Giving a Video Demo

If you've got a way to capture screenshots, next time you have a tip to share, try creating a video instead. Once you get the hang of the software, it can sometimes be faster and more effective than a written tip. Of course, some things are better left in print, so choose wisely.

Give Marketing Tip #5- Giving a Screenshot

Almost all computers have an easy way to capture the screen, or freeware you can download to do it. Say it in pictures.

Give Marketing Tip #6- Giving a How-to

It can be in text, pictures, audio, video, or all of the above.

Give Marketing Tip #7- Giving Your Friendship

Everyone needs help or a shoulder to lean on sometimes. Make friends. It's lonely online.

Give Marketing Tip #8- Giving Thanks

Yeah, it seems obvious, but we all forget sometimes. By the way, thank you for reading my article. :)

Give Marketing Tip #9- Giving Use of Your Resources
Share and share alike. And probably get tons of links too.

Give Marketing Tip #10- Giving an Interview or an Interview Opportunity

Just because giving an interview benefits you, don't think it's not important to the other party too. And if you're the one asking for the interview, remember to be respectful of the other person's time, and be patient if something goes wrong. Just because we're online doesn't mean folks don't have lives, get sick, or have mini-disasters of their own.

Being understanding pays off way more than being a prima donna.

Give Marketing Tip #11- Giving Content or a Place to Publish Content
There will never be too many quality resources that provide or publish content.

By now, you see how this Give Marketing Thing works. You make yourself an indispensable resource, and your knowledge and service does the marketing for you.

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Thanks for these give marketing ides. I am an Internet marketing newbie so I can really use new ideas for my online business. It has not really taken off yet so some fresh ideas are really appreciated.