Monday, May 21, 2007

Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and How They Are Used

What is DVR? DVR is a digital video recorder and is also known as a personal video recorder. Unlike a VCR, the DVR records directly to a disk or hard drive instead of to a video tape of sorts. DVR can be found on most computer software as well as being in the form of stand-along box units for television and film.

Many television set producers are now including DVR built in to the television. This enables the viewer to capture a program or movie into the memory of the television for later viewing. The DVR also is capable of recording much longer than a VCR and is also easily erased for repeated use.

What is DVR used for? It was first used by CBS in 1965 in an effort to freeze their sports footage. This was nearly impossible with their current operating system as the frozen images were not clear. In 1985, the DVR was first introduced for in-home use, though its deubt was not widespread. Thanks to the introduction of the DVR giant TiVo, many similar products are now on the market and are widespread. The DVR tends to allow for crisper picture quality and faster search through recorded material than its VHS counterparts.

What is DVR for the average consumer? Satellite companies are now utilizing DVR by adding it directly into customers̢۪ in-home receiver boxes, enabling them to record and view television programming. Dual tuners have now been introduced in the DVR allowing viewers to watch one program while simultaneously being able to tape up to two other shows. Such recording takes place either by internally storing the program on a hard disk or by burning the program onto a DVD-RW, or a rewritable DVD.

Consumers also use them as a cost effective way for security. You can get DVR cards with up to 8 camera connections on them. This allows you to mount security cameras all around your property and record directly onto your PC. You can capture several days worth of video footage from several cameras into your DVR system on your computer.

What is DVR still used for commercially? CCTV companies also use DVR in their surveillance systems since DVR is able to record for extended lengths of time. DVR also provides a clearer picture, allowing for better quality results. It is used by banks, car dealerships, retail stores,a nd especially at mini-markets which are a prime target for crime. DVR recorder systems are helping combat crime by providing excellent images of people committing crimes. This makes it easier for law enforcement to capture the perpertrators and makes it easy to convict these peopl when the digital video recording is played back in court.

What is DVR in computer technology? DVR also exists on computers. Macintosh computers mainly utilize EyeTV software while Windows uses its Windows Media Center for the downloading and producing of its images recorded through DVR, though other operating systems are in the works as well.

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