Monday, May 14, 2007

Master Ezines for Massive Traffic

E-zine advertising is one of the most cost effective ways to drive massive amount of traffic to your website. E-zines are one of the things that the Internet has provided for just ordinary people that the print media never did get right. Today magazines that you buy (if you do) at your local news stand are mostly filled with full page advertisements for products that you could care less about and that have no bearing on your life or your wants or needs... they are just advertisements. If you can find articles in them, at all, they are sandwiched between page-after-page of advertising.

People have come to love E-zines. They publications come to them on their computers and are directly related to their lives and the things that they are interested in. The advertisements that are in the E-zines are directly related... they do not have to wade through pages of advertisements for denture adhesive and wheel toys to find and read about what they are interested in and what concerns them.

E-zine publishers are trusted by their subscribers. They have built reputations for being in touch with their readers needs and have proven that they can deliver timely information that their readers can actually use to solve their problems, meet their needs, make them look better or feel better, and answer their questions.

To find E-zines that have topics related to your website topic or to the products that you sell, you can look through E-zine directories online. Just type the words, "E-zine directories" into the search box of your favorite search engine. Another way to find E-zines that relate to your product is to type your key words into the search box followed by the word "E-zines." You will get a lot of search results no matter what your topic is. There are E-zines that are dedicated to just about every topic under the sun.

Because E-zine advertising is so reasonable, you can probably place advertisements in more than one and still stay well within your budget limit of thirty dollars ($30) for this ten day period.

E-zine advertising allows you to reach thousands of people...and not just any people... but the people who are most likely to become your customers. Remember that the idea here is not just to create website traffic...the idea is to create targeted website traffic by the thousands. Getting an advertisement into the hands of those people who are looking for a product or service that will solve their problem will drive them to your website in search of it if your product or service fits the bill.

It terms of effectiveness, as well as, efficiency, advertising in E-zines is the top contender for the number one spot in both. An E-zine that is sent to thousands of your best prospects will most assuredly be effective and having your advertisement sent to thousands of your potential customers for a one time cost of only a few dollars and a few minutes of your time is certainly efficient.

Most advertising venues available on the Internet are fiercely competitive.

For example; when you place PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements on the search engines, you are competing with every other marketer in the universe who is selling the same or very similar items. You are competing with thousands of others for the same limited market share. Some of these competitors will have pockets that are a lot deeper than yours, too.

Advertising in E-zines is far less competitive than most other advertising methods.

E-zine advertising has the advantage of some staying power. E-zines are almost always archived and people frequently refer to past issues of E-zines when they are searching for information. As a matter of fact, archived E-zines are one of the most used research tools on the Internet. When you place an advertisement in an E-zine that is dedicated to a topic that directly relates to your product or service, you can think of it as advertising to future potential customers, as well, making it an even bigger advertising bargain.

The bigger and better E-zine directories will list the circulation number for each E-zine. Right now you need to choose two that have a circulation of about 10,000 subscribers each. Be aware that the larger the circulation, the greater the advertising cost will be. However, the cost is still very reasonable. The cost per line of advertising can be as low as $5 per line or as expensive as $25 dollars per line.

If you choose two E-zines with circulations of 10,000 people, the cost for an advertisement in both of them will be about $15 each... which totally blows your $30 budget for now. When you see just how effective E-zine advertisement turns out to be, you may want to route more of your advertising budget into it.

Write your advertisement being as efficient as you can with the words. Do not waste line space on words like "great, fantastic, wonderful, exciting, etc." Make every word of your limited words point people directly to your website and to your product.

Publishers of E-zines have permission to send email to their subscribers. You do not have that permission and even if you had the subscriber list, it would be illegal for you to email these potential customers about your product, service or website. You would be guilty of sending SPAM...which is certainly not a good thing. By placing an inexpensive advertisement with an E-zine you are, in effect, sending advertisements by email to your best prospective customers and getting targeted traffic to your website at the same time. You are also advertising to your most likely customers without being guilty of sending SPAM. It is a win/win situation and a rather inexpensive way to win twice.

Spend the thirty dollars ($30) that you have allotted for E-zine advertisement wisely. If you believe that it would be better to advertise in only one E-zine that has a huge circulation rather than advertising in two that have smaller circulations, do so.

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